Congratulations Series 11 Podiums!

Series 11Over four months and 35 total races split between five classes, Series 11 witnessed tight battles for the top in Challenge and Club classes. Meanwhile, the growing Sport Class was dominated by Derek Derksen, and Chris Paiz taught more than a few lessons to the competition in Pro. Among the winners, two came from the Upper Canada Region, two from the Lone Star Region, one from the Redwood Region, and one from the Orange Coast Region. Altogether, 243 drivers wielded their 992 Porsche 911 GT3R across seven venues and various weather conditions. Meet the winners below, and we’ll see you again for Series 12 in September!

All PDF results and video broadcasts are linked on the S11 webpage

Entry Class – Run Group A

1 Alan Owens – Upper Canada Region
2 Neil Faulkner – Lone Star Region
3 Lennie Holland – Peachstate Region

Allen Owens showed great pace in Entry Class Run Group A. He was able to best his group competitors with two P1 and one P3 finishes, cinching the Run Group A Championship.

Alan Owens

Entry Class – Run Group B

1 Kevin San Diego – Redwood Region
2 Michael Schulze – Florida Citrus Region
3 Chad Sosnowski – Southeast Michigan Region

Kevin San Diego was a force to be reckoned with in Entry Class Run Group B. Running against this group’s more experienced drivers he secured the Run Group B championship with P1 finishes in each of his three counted races.

Kevin San Diego

Challenge Class

1 Mehmet Karacay – Orange Coast Region
2 Kevin Schultz – Intermountain Region
3 Casey McDonald – Riverside Region

The Challenge Class lived up to its name for Mehmet Karacay during Series 11, scoring only one win at the Red Bull Ring in Event 3. Yet, consistency near the top of the podium delivered Karacay the gold.

Mehmet Karacay

Sport Class

1 Derek Derksen – Upper Canada Region
2 Kevin Joeckel – Northeast Region
3 John Gibson – Rally Sport Region

The Sport Class saw one driver dominate splendidly, as Derek Derksen won four of the seven events in Series 11.

Derek Derksen

Club Class

1 Claus Nielsen – Lone Star Region
2 Terrence Tong – Upper Canada Region
3 Julian Velez – Northern New Jersey Region

The Club Class was packed as always for Series 11, but Claus Nielsen emerged victorious in a tight fight for the top.

Claus Neilsen

Pro Class

1 Chris Paiz – Lone Star Region
2 Thomas Briggs – Maverick Region
3 Logan Grado – Golden Gate Region

The Classroom “professor” took everyone to school in the Series 11 Pro Class, coming out as the champ. Will one of the students surpass him in Series 12?

Chris Paiz

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