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NEW Driver Class and Server Assignments for Road Atlanta Race 5

Download version 2.6 of the pdf reference. Updated weekly.

NEW Road Atlanta Race 5 Car Skins Pack

To see all the other cars in their correct livery, download this updated-weekly zip package and install on your computer. Installation instructions are in the zipped file.

Partnering with Virtual Racing School

Special offers to PCA Sim Racing participants!

Series 4 YouTube Playlist 

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Partnering with VRS

When you partner with some person or some company, it’s in hopes that a shared goal, like a great simulator racing experience, for instance, can be reached by working together. Virtual Racing School (VRS) has a reputation for presenting not only fine setups, but helping drivers reach their potential with datapacks, analysis, and training. PCA Sim Racing has developed a reputation for some of the best, most respectful, and most competitive racing in all of the iRacing world. It was a “natural” for PCA Sim Racing to reach out to ....

It’s Time to go Racing Again

by Christopher Paiz, Lone Star Region PCA In the coming weeks, Porsche Club of America members will be taking to the virtual race track in iRacing to compete in the first racing season of 2020: Series 4. For the uninitiated, The PCA Sim Racing Series gives PCA members the ability to compete in some of the most exciting Porsche race cars at world-famous race tracks, all from the comfort of their homes. From the beginning, the goal of the PCA Sim Racing Series was to create a sort of virtual ....

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Well, we’ve got a “good” problem

By Mike Nyden, Peachstate Region PCA Those of you who have been involved for all of the prior PCA Sim Racing seasons may remember the “lean” fields and the outreach that we tried to do to increase participation in our PCA hobby. Times have changed, and if you’re not aware, we’re slightly oversubscribed for the two broadcast servers on Friday night. “Thank You” from me, the members of the steering committee, and everyone involved from the EC of the PCA to our sponsors and broadcaster, the Regions, and all ....

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Sim Racing Reflections at the Rolex 24

By Michael Nyden, Peachstate Region PCA You know, it’s a slogan or a tag line, “It’s not just the cars, it’s the people”. We’ve all heard it, and some of us (like me, for instance) even plug it into communications to promote the club or activity within it. And when you’re relaxing in the Porsche Club of America tent at the kink in the Daytona infield on race day, it may not be the thing that’s most on your mind. Podium eSports On the other hand, when you notice a ....

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Good PCA Sim Racing Etiquette

Be pleasant to other drivers Nobody is trying to do badly, most drivers are probably doing the best they can, and they’re probably just as excited as you are about racing. By saying “No problem, buddy!” shows more about you than the guy who tapped your car. We have a very eclectic group We have sim racers who have handled performance sports cars at high speed in HPDE events but have minimal or zero experience in wheel-to-wheel racing. We have some drivers who have gone wheel-to-wheel for a very long ....

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Year-end Survey Results

By Dewey Kang, Metropolitan New York Region PCA Hello PCA Racers! On behalf of the PCA Sim Racing Steering Committee, thank you, everyone, for your great sportsmanship and participation across our inaugural 2019 PCA Sim Racing Series races. We owe it to each of you for our wildly successful inaugural year of PCA Sim Racing Series across 20 races, and we’re thrilled to race with all of you again in 2020. Thanks to everyone who participated in our survey – we had just under 100 ....

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