2022 Zone Group Championship

By Chip Witt, PCA Sim Racing Zone Group Manager, Redwood Region PCA


The 2022 PCA Sim Racing Zone Group Championship is the second of its kind…with some minor changes year-over-year. Unlike the 2021 Championship, instead of drivers qualifying to represent their specific PCA Zone, this year up to eight top drivers in each of the four PCA Driver Classes qualified to represent their Zone Group (in most cases, consolidation of multiple PCA Zones) through their respective Zone Group managed feeder series. This change was made in direct response to 2021 participant feedback to continue to ensure fairness in representation without compromising the integrity of the competition.

The primary focus of the Zone Group Championship is on aggregated Zone Group performance, not just the performance of the individual drivers. To that end, all participants’ contributions will be accounted for in each race (see the Championship Points & Procedure below), making it advantageous for Zone Groups to prepare together, collaborating to get faster as a whole group, to improve the overall Zone Group finishes in each class; in helping others you help yourself. Sportsmanship (both intra-Zone Group and cross-Zone Groups), camaraderie…and, of course, good-natured, positive team spirit are the rule of the day.


PCA Challenge PCA Sport PCA Club PCA Pro

Auto Club (Week 1)
Date: February 16th Date: February 16th Date: February 18th Date: February 18th
Start Time: 8 PM Eastern Start Time: 9 PM Eastern Start Time: 8 PM Eastern Start Time: 9 PM Eastern

Barber (Week 2)
Full Course
Date: February 23rd Date: February 23rd Date: February 25th Date: February 25th
Start Time: 8 PM Eastern Start Time: 9 PM Eastern Start Time: 8 PM Eastern Start Time: 9 PM Eastern

VIR (Week 3)
Full Course
Date: March 2nd Date: March 2nd Date: March 4th Date: March 4th
Start Time: 8 PM Eastern Start Time: 9 PM Eastern Start Time: 8 PM Eastern Start Time: 9 PM Eastern

Extended Schedule


  • 60-minute open practice
  • 10-minute qualifying (3 laps) with Strict Qualifying
  • 40-minute race


  • Porsche 911 GT3 R
  • 45% starting fuel
  • Trading Paints (template download)
  • iRacing fixed setups:
    • Auto Club (low_downforce_sprint)
    • Barber Motorsport Park (medium_downforce_sprint)
    • VIR (medium_downforce_sprint)


  • Races start at 9:00 AM (in simulation time)
  • Clear sky
  • 20% humidity
  • Dynamic sky on
  • The weather is common to all classes

Championship Points & Procedure

Individual driver points will be allocated according to the IMSA standard:

  • First Place – 35 Points
  • Second Place – 32 Points
  • Third Place – 30 Points
  • Fourth Place – 28 Points
  • Fifth Place – 26 Points
  • Sixth Place – 25 Points
  • Seventh Place – 24 Points
  • Eighth Place – 23 Points
  • Ninth Place – 22 Points
  • 10th Place – 21 Points

Each subsequent finishing position from 11th to 30th follows the same one-point increment with 11th-place receiving 20 points, 12th-place receiving 19 points and so on, with the 30th-place finisher on back receiving one point.

Additionally, drivers can earn a single bonus point if they qualify in pole position, get the fastest race lap, or achieve a zero incident race, making a driver’s maximum achievable, single race hall a total of 38 Championship Points.

While individual driver points will be assessed for each race, the real bragging rights in the Zone Group Championship come in the aggregate Zone Group points tally for the series. To calculate this, the points earned by ALL finishers for each Zone Group in each driver class will be AVERAGED to make up the total points allocated. The four class averages for each Zone Group will be added together to determine the total points for each race in the series. Any ties among Zone Groups will be broken by looking at the top-three finishers of each ZG and the sum of their points.

We will track Zone Group points for each driver class (PCA Pro, PCA Club, PCA Sport, and PCA Challenge) as well as total Zone Group points across all classes.

Once an entry joins an Event, the Entrant becomes obligated to attempt in good faith to compete (i.e. grid for the Race) to the best of his/her ability. All starting Cars are credited with a finishing position whether or not they are running when the checkered flag is displayed. DNFs by drivers that grid for the Race will be scored in the position their exit from a race dictates, i.e. points will still be awarded.

2022 Rules & Guidelines

Available soon.