2023 Entry Class Sunset Cruise Series

Series Racing Manager – Jeff Williams, Rocky Mountain Region PCA

The Entry Class has its own boat for the Sunset Cruise!

Entry Class drivers will continue to be able to get instruction, race together, progress, and get check rides.


  • Entry Class drivers will use the Porsche 911 GT3R 992.
  • 5 races over ten weeks.
  • 5 eDEs over ten weeks.
  • No LPPs.
  • No maximum incident points.
  • No orange zone.
  • No enhanced opening lap penalties.
  • First warning at 17 incidents then every 5 incidents.
  • Rolling start.
  • Full pace lap.
  • Unlimited fast repairs.
  • Damage will be “off” for eDEs and “on” for races.
  • iRacing AI Race Control. One live RC to monitor for unacceptable language or intentional wrecking during races.
  • Fuel limited to force pit.
  • Qualifying set to Relaxed.
  • Variable, realistic weather – check the local forecast for the track!
  • The track start time for the server is 10 AM.
  • The event will be run on the actual date.
  • Fixed Setups using iRacing provided setups for each track.
  • Race sessions will be found in Entry Class League Sessions.
  • No Championship points – just bragging rights.
  • Points are awarded per car class only.


  • eDEs
    • 40-minute open practice, instruction, and drills
    • 10-minute solo qualifying
    • 10-minute heat race #1
    • 10-minute heat race #2 with an inverted grid
    • 20-minute feature race with an inverted grid
  • Races
    • 30-minute open practice
    • 10-minute solo qualifying
    • 45-minute race

Participation in the eDEs and races will count towards satisfying the prerequisites for requesting a check ride.


  • All sessions are Sunday evenings.
  • 9 PM Eastern to 10:30 PM Eastern.
  • 6 PM Pacific to 7:30 PM Pacific.





July 16th

Lime Rock – Classic

July 23rd

Lime Rock – Classic

July 30th

VIR – Full Course

August 6th

VIR – Full Course

August 13th

Mid-Ohio – Full Course

August 20th

Mid-Ohio – Full Course

August 27th

Summit Point – Full Course

September 3rd

Summit Point – Full Course

September 10th

Laguna Seca – Full Course

September 17th

Laguna Seca – Full Course

Technical Issues

  1. Any driver who has a bad connection will be alerted by Race Control and may be asked to park their car in the pits until the problem is resolved.
  2. If there is an additional problem or their connection remains unstable, they will, unfortunately, need to leave the server so it does not affect the race quality for other competitors.
  3. Any driver leaving the server because of connection issues is welcome to rejoin the race once they have resolved their internet problem by rebooting their computer, or their router, or reducing the load on their home connection.
  4. Drivers with a poor internet connection may be removed from the race.
  5. Do not connect to a PCA Sim Racing event via a wireless connection. Use only Ethernet-cabled connections.
  6. iRacing is suffering from an increased amount of net code problems. It is strongly suggested you watch this video to understand net code and its impact on sim racing.