Area Racing Manager – Bob Rose, Shenandoah Region

TRS Race 2 - Bathurst 3-hour


January 30 – Daytona Results (scroll down)
January 24 – Decal pack 1.1 is now available (Thanks, Enrico!)
January 24 – 2023 TRS Rules Update V1.1.  (Section 7.13 Ten Minute Rule Added)
January 16 – Templates are now available for all 4 classes


January 29th
Daytona (Road Course)

February 19th
Mt. Panorama

April 16th
Nürburgring Gesamstrecke (24h layout)

July 30th
Circuit De Spa Francorchamps (Endurance)

September 17th
Fuji Speedway (Grand Prix)

October 15th
Road Atlanta (Full Course)


Practice – 12 PM Eastern / 9 AM Pacific
Qualifying – 12:15 PM Eastern / 9:15 AM Pacific
Race – 12:30 PM Eastern / 9:30 AM Pacific

Streams start at 12:30 PM Eastern / 9:30 AM Pacific


2023 Team Racing SeriesThe 2023 Team Racing Series offers a competitive team endurance racing series featuring Porsche GT platforms competing on iconic endurance tracks from around the globe. To be successful, teams must focus on safe and effective real-world endurance racing strategies – driving cleanly and preserving their equipment.

Championship Series Summary

The 2023 Team Racing Championship series will feature 6 points scoring events. Every event will count towards your team’s final points total (no drop race). The event length will be 3, 4, or 6 hours. We will use the Porsche 911 GT3 R (GT3 class) and the Porsche 718 GT Cayman (GT4 class). Teams may choose which car they want to run for the season. Setups will be OPEN. Fast repairs will NOT be available at any of the 6 championship events (we are simulating endurance racing – please drive accordingly).

The 2023 Team Racing Championship Series will visit Daytona, Mt. Panorama, Nürburgring, Spa, Fuji, and Road Atlanta.

Team Registration Information

The minimum team size is only 2 drivers. You can have more, and you can add/remove drivers during the season, but there are some simple rules to prevent driver “hopping”. Driver classification is Pro/AM – if you have a PCA Sim Racing Pro Class driver on your team then you’ll race in the Pro/AM class, if you don’t have a PCA Sim Racing Pro Class driver on your team, then you’ll race in the AM class. iRacing Fair Share rules are in effect at all events.

To register your team, go to the “2023 Team Racing” Discord category, then to the “2023-registration” channel. Add the following team information to the 2023 Registration channel.

IMPORTANT! If you make an edit to your registration, please use only your original post and update it.

Team Name:
iRacing Team #:
Team Manager Name:

Driver 1 Name:
Driver 1 iRacing Number:

Driver 2 Name:
Driver 2 iRacing Number:

Driver 3 Name:
Driver 3 iRacing Number:

Driver 4 Name:
Driver 4 iRacing Number:

Benefit Special Events

In addition to the 6 event championship, we will also host 2 special events races which will NOT count towards the 2023 Team Racing Series Championship.

The Special Events are non-point scoring events that will allow teams to compete while benefitting Operation Motorsport. We once again will return to Sebring and Le Mans for our benefit events. The rules are relaxed, allowing more team/driver flexibility and providing fast repairs. Additional cars may also be made available for the fund-raisers, should iRacing release any new Porsches we all may be eagerly awaiting…

  • Sunday, May 21 – Operation Motorsport at Sebring (note: date changed from March 19)
  • Sunday, August 13 – Operation Motorsport at LeMans