May 21 – Sebring Qualifying Race Replay

May 19 – Car Templates V1.0  Thanks, Enrico!

2023 Virtual Race for Heroes

2023 Virtual Race for Heroes


PCA Sim Racing will once again partner with PCA Regions to co-host the 2023 event to benefit Operation Motorsport. The goal for 2023 is $25,000 USD. Based on the success of our previous events, this is a very achievable goal!

The 2023 Virtual Race for Heroes will be run as a two-race fundraising event.

  • Qualifying Race: Sunday, May 21st at Sebring – 4-hour race
  • Benefit Feature Race: Sunday, August 27th at Le Mans – 6-hour race
  • Specific event details remain as published in Section 4 of the 2023 Team Racing Series rules.

Race 1 at Sebring will work exactly like a normal Team Racing Series event (15-minute open qualification); however, the grid for Race 2 at Le Mans will be determined by the finishing order of the Sebring race (no qualification in the Le Mans race session). Teams that miss the Sebring race – or that choose to race a different car in Race 2 – will be placed at the back of the grid of their respective class.

Teams & Registration


  • Registration opens on the PCA Sim Racing Discord server on Monday, May 1st at 10 PM Eastern / 7 PM Pacific.
  • All Teams – even existing 2023 Team Racing Series Championship teams – must register in the 2023 Virtual Race for Heroes registration Discord channel!
  • Registration is first come first served for car selection.
  • Three car classes are available with a limited number of grid slots available in each class.
  • The grid will be limited to a total of 52 teams across all car classes.
  • Once the limit has been reached for a car class, no additional grid slots will be added.
  • The team’s name and team manager MUST remain unchanged for both the Sebring and Le Mans events.  Again – the team name and team manager MUST not change once Discord registration is created.
  • Teams must register their car choice, team name, and team manager prior to the registration deadline of Saturday, May 20th at 12 PM Eastern / 9 AM Pacific.
  • Teams may change cars with a back-of-the-class grid penalty (if room on the grid).
  • Team Managers are responsible for ensuring their team is created and drivers added within the iRacing system to match the PCA registration information.
  • Once the team has been registered in Discord, the Team Manager must create their Pledgeit page.
  • Teams should then provide their “team page” for donators to pledge and support their team.
  • Use the following format when you register in Discord:

Team Name:
iRacing Team Number:
Team Manager Name:
Car Selection:
Preferred Car Number:

Remember, only the Team Manager needs to be listed to start the Team!
Once ready, add more drivers, as needed. Remember, Fair Share is in effect.
Driver 1 Name:
Driver 1 iRacing Number:

Cars & Setup Information

The following cars will be available for both the Qualifying and Feature races:

  • Porsche 919 (16-team grid limit)
  • Porsche 911 RSR (20-team grid limit)
  • RUF RT 12R Track (16-team grid limit)
  • Teams can choose any of the three available cars, but with the expectation that the same car will be run in both races.
  • Teams may change cars if there is room on the grid in the new car class; however, teams doing so will start at the back of their new class with no available finishing order from Race 1.
  • Car selection is first come first served, submitted with team registration.
  • Open setups will be used for all cars.
  • No fuel, power, or weight modifications will be made to any car.
  • Trading Paints will be used for both events (for streaming/broadcast).
  • Templates for the 3 classes will be available on May 5, 2023. Thanks, Enrico!

Driver Eligibility & Classification

ALL classed PCA Sim Racing members are eligible according to the same criteria as defined in the PCA Sim Racing Competition Rules. Exceptions can/will be made for Celebrity and/or Special Event Guest Drivers.

  • All drivers participate in the same class according to their team car. No different competition groups exist.
  • Any combination of driver expertise may compete within a team.
  • Individual driver invitations will be sent to the “2023 Virtual Race for Heroes” iRacing league according to registration information received.
  • Drivers (but not the Team Manager!) ARE FREE to change teams between races with no penalty for either team.
  • There is no min/max number of drivers – all events will be set to “Team Racing/min drivers =1”
  • BE AWARE: Fair share will be in effect!

Two Race Format Exceptions (summarized…)

The qualifying grid for the 6-hour Le Mans race will be determined by the finishing order of the 4-hour Sebring qualifying race. New teams can still compete in the Le Mans race without having raced at Sebring, but they must start from the back of the grid of their respective car class.

A team will start at the back of their class if…

  • They decide to change car classes (pending availability) after the Sebring qualifying race is completed.
  • They do not meet the criteria listed above.
  • They do not run the Sebring qualifying race.

Only one driver, the Team Manager, is required to run the Sebring qualifier and the Le Mans race.

Yes, one driver teams are okay and will not be disqualified. We are trying to maximize the number of cars to benefit Operation Motorsport, so the more cars on the grid the better.

If a team wants to add additional drivers beyond the Team Manager for Sebring and/or Le Mans, iRacing’s fair share will be used.

If a team wants to switch drivers from Sebring to Le Mans, that is okay EXCEPT for the Team Manager. If the Team Manager leaves a team that team is defunct and needs to register as a new team.

If multiple teams incur a back-of-grid penalty, starting order will be determined by the amount of the proceeds raised by each team 24 hours before the start of the August 27th Le Mans race.

Competition Rules

PCA Sim Racing Competition Rules are in effect unless noted otherwise in the 2023 Team Racing Series rules or on this page.

2023 Virtual Race for Heroes

Operation Motorsport is a Veteran Led and Operated, 501(c)3 Not for Profit, based in Raleigh, North Carolina, and Brighton, Ontario, serving American & Canadian service members and veterans and was founded on the basis of three simple words: Excite, Engage, and Empower. The premise is to engage, through Motorsport’s opportunities, medically retiring or retired Service Members, affected by military service, aiding in their recovery.

Carolinas Region PCA

Carolinas Region PCA is approximately 3500 members and affiliates. They are the 2nd largest region in Zone 3 and the 7th largest of all PCA regions. Additionally, the Carolinas Region is the largest geographical region in the Porsche Club of America. The region covers most of North and South Carolina. Carolinas Region PCA is thrilled to once again co-host this wonderful event.

Upper Canada Region PCA

Upper Canada Region PCA was chartered in July 1976 and is made up of a dynamic group of over 4,400 people with a common love of the Porsche family of automobiles. Geographically, our region covers Ontario from Thunder Bay in the north to Fort Erie and Windsor in the south, to Kingston in the east, and to Sarnia in the west. Essentially all of Ontario except for the Ottawa Valley. 2023 will be the first time for UCR to co-host the annual benefit event, and the region is looking forward to a successful event.

PCA Sim Racing

PCA Sim Racing is the Porsche Club of America’s latest member activity based on PC computer race simulation. Starting in 2019, PCA Sim Racing has grown rapidly and is expected to achieve 1000-member participation by the end of its 5th year of activity. PCA Sim Racing is thrilled to once again co-host the annual Operation Motorsport benefit event.