2023 Virtual Race for Heroes

Sunday, August 27th

Total Raised $15,425

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this year’s events!

2023 Virtual Race for Heroes


2023 Virtual Race for Heroes

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2023 Virtual Race for Heroes

Operation Motorsport is a Veteran Led and Operated, 501(c)3 Not for Profit, based in Raleigh, North Carolina, and Brighton, Ontario, serving American & Canadian service members and veterans and was founded on the basis of three simple words: Excite, Engage, and Empower. The premise is to engage, through Motorsport’s opportunities, medically retiring or retired Service Members, affected by military service, aiding in their recovery.

Carolinas Region PCA

Carolinas Region PCA is approximately 3500 members and affiliates. They are the 2nd largest region in Zone 3 and the 7th largest of all PCA regions. Additionally, the Carolinas Region is the largest geographical region in the Porsche Club of America. The region covers most of North and South Carolina. Carolinas Region PCA is thrilled to once again co-host this wonderful event.

Upper Canada Region PCA

Upper Canada Region PCA was chartered in July 1976 and is made up of a dynamic group of over 4,400 people with a common love of the Porsche family of automobiles. Geographically, our region covers Ontario from Thunder Bay in the north to Fort Erie and Windsor in the south, to Kingston in the east, and to Sarnia in the west. Essentially all of Ontario except for the Ottawa Valley. 2023 will be the first time for UCR to co-host the annual benefit event, and the region is looking forward to a successful event.

PCA Sim Racing

PCA Sim Racing is the Porsche Club of America’s latest member activity based on PC computer race simulation. Starting in 2019, PCA Sim Racing has grown rapidly and is expected to achieve 1000-member participation by the end of its 5th year of activity. PCA Sim Racing is thrilled to once again co-host the annual Operation Motorsport benefit event.