By Chip Witt, Redwood Region


Having raced so quickly from the 2023 Zone Group Championship right into Series 10, it would be easy to forget to celebrate one as we become immersed in the other. Personally, I wanted to thank all of the participants and supporters for a tremendous ZGC.

Throughout the series, camaraderie and sportsmanship were high, and the competition was fierce; demonstrating passion not only for sim racing and our league but drivers’ pride in representing their respective PCA Zones.

Every year over the last several years PCA Sim Racing has run a series of events where the foundational element is teamwork amidst drivers within their respective PCA Sim Racing Zone Groups (of which there are five, each derived from the combining of members from PCA Zones) in competition against the other Zone Groups.

Each year has brought something new to the competition, with this year introducing multiple cars per Zone Group, each with four drivers from different classes sharing the driving responsibilities… all in a set of three relatively short-format (90 minutes) races.

Not without its bumps and bruises, the format, overall, was a tremendous success; Zone Groups pulled together, solved challenges, and brought their very best to each event.

The PCA Sim Racing tradition is to add the name of the winning Zone Group to a trophy that is on permanent display in the PCA National office. Please join me in congratulating the Zone 1 Wildcats for being our 2023 Zone Group Champions!

– Chip

Chip Witt, Redwood Region PCA
Zone Group Manager
PCA Sim Racing