Welcome to the PCA Sim Racing 2024 Summer Tour.

There will be weekly races from April 24 through August 21.

All Main League (Pro, Club, Sport, Challenge) drivers may participate.

The races will be multi-car class and multi-driver class.

Hosted by Jeff Williams, Rocky Mountain Region
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There are three championships to compete for:

  • Car Class
  • Driver Class
  • Zone Group

Only your best 5 finishes in each car class are counted towards the championships giving a lot of flexibility in which races to run. So, this summer, when you’re not enjoying your real Porsche or sipping a cold beverage on the beach, come join your friends on the grid!


  • Porsche 911 GT3R (992)
  • Porsche911 GT3 (CUP)
  • Porsche 911 RSR
  • Porsche 963 GTP
  • Drive any car in any race.
  • No requirement to pick one car for the series.

Car Settings

  • Starting fuel is not limited.
  • Open setups for all driver classes.
  • One fast repair for all classes.


  • All PCA Main League Pro, Club, Sport, and Challenge class drivers.

Event Format

  • Multi-Class. All car types and all driver classes will race together.
  • All events start at (9:00 PM Eastern / 6:00 PM Pacific)

Wednesday Night Event Format

  • Cars in a class will grid together
  • 25-minute open practice
  • 10-minute lone qualifying / 3 laps
  • 60-minute race

Thursday Night Special Event Format

  • Cars will grid by pace, not by class
  • 20-minute open practice
  • 10-minute lone qualifying / 3 laps
  • 15-minute Heat
  • 15-minute Consolation – All cars
  • 25-minute Feature


  • All events will be “League Sessions”, found in the PCA Sim Racing “Main League”.
  • Sessions will be created and available for Test Drive two weeks before the event date.
  • The number of participants in a session will be the maximum number permitted by iRacing.
  • Register quickly to avoid being precluded from joining the session.


  • All races are on Wednesdays except the “Thursday Night Specials” (TNS) as noted below.
  • The dates and times below are iRacing in-sim settings for the event.
  • Times are the actual practice start.
Event Actual Date Track Layout Sim Date Time Rain?
Race 1 April 24 Watkins Glen Classic Boot April 17 8:00 AM No
Race 2 May 1 Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps Endurance May 11 2:00 PM No
Race 3 May 8 Charlotte Motor Speedway Roval May 8 5:00 PM No
TNS – Race A May 9 Charlotte Motor Speedway Roval May 9 10:00 PM No
Race 4 May 15 Sonoma Raceway NASCAR Long May 15 8:00 AM No
Race 5 May 22 Nurburgring Sprintstrecke May 22 11:00 AM No
Race 6 May 29 Willow Springs Willow Springs May 29 2:00 PM No
Race 7 June 5 Silverstone Grand Prix June 5 5:00 PM Yes
Race 8 June 12 Sebring International June 12 8:00 AM No
TNS – Race B June 13 Sebring International June 13 10:00 PM No
Race 9 June 19 Circuito de Jerez Grand Prix June 19 11:00 AM No
Race 10 June 26 Circuit des 24 Heures du Mans 24 Hour June 15 4:00 PM No
Race 11 July 3 Interlagos Grand Prix July 13 11:30 AM No
Race 12 July 10 Road Atlanta Full July 27 2:00 PM No
TNS – Race C July 11 Road Atlanta Full July 27 10:00 PM No
Race 13 July 17 Fuji Grand Prix Sept 17 2:00 PM No
Race 14 July 24 Circuit Zolder Grand Prix Sept 24 5:00 PM Yes
Race 15 July 31 Circuit of the Americas Grand Prix Sept 1 1:00 PM No
Race 16 August 7 Circuit de Barcelona Catalunya Historic August 7 8:00 AM No
TNS – Race D August 8 Circuit de Barcelona Catalunya Historic August 8 10:00 PM No
Race 17 August 14 Barber Motorsports Park Full October 14 11:00 AM No
Race 18 August 21 Brands Hatch Grand Prix October 21 2:00 PM No

Drop Races

  • A driver’s best 5 finishes in each car class are counted. All others can be dropped in the Summer Tour.

Race Conditions

  • Generated weather with dynamic sky.
  • Rain only if specifically noted in the schedule above.
  • In-sim events may be on different iRacing days, months, and seasons, and not always the day of the race.
  • Starting times for races will vary.

Race Communications

  • iRacing voice chat function for “necessary” communication during the event.
  • Use an available channel in the PCA Sim Racing Discord server If you and your race spotter would like to communicate privately.

Race Control

  • There will be no live Race Control.
  • All drivers are to exhibit the sportsmanship and camaraderie expected in PCA Sim Racing.
  • There may be PCA Sim Racing Admins in sessions.
  • They have the authority and ability to silence and/or DQ drivers not demonstrating these qualities.
  • Race Control will be by iRacing AI.
  • Follow all instructions of the iRacing AI.
  • There will be no clearing of penalties or issues.

Incident Race Review

  • There is no IRR process for the Summer Tour.
  • Drivers involved in an incident are encouraged to review the replay, and then reach out to the other driver to share perspectives.
  • Otherwise, leave it on the track and move on.


  • Replays will not be saved/posted by PCA Sim Racing Admins. Drivers should save their replays.

Championships & Points

  • The IMSA points system will be used.
  • There are points for qualifying position and finishing position in each car class.
  • There are no points for heat and consolation races.
  • Drivers earn points according to their finishing position within their car class for each race.

Qualifying Points

Qualifying Points

Feature Race Points

Feature Points


Car Class Championship

  • Tour finishing position is based on the total points for a driver’s 5 best races in each car class.
  • Drivers may compete in multiple car classes throughout the season.

Driver Class Championship

  • The Tour finishing position is based on the total points for a driver’s 5 best races in their class (Pro, Club, Sport, Challenge) regardless of car class.
  • The driver’s classification at the end of Series 11 will be used for the entirety of the Summer Tour, regardless of subsequent changes to the driver’s iRating, safety rating, or class due to rebalancing, after the start of the Tour.
  • Entry League drivers classed into a Main League class during the Summer Tour will compete in their new class.

Zone Group Championship

  • Tour finish position for a Zone Group is based on the total points from the 25 best races of any drivers in the zone group, regardless of car class or driver class.

Summer Tour Rules

Participant Requirements

  • Drivers who participate in the 2024 Summer Series must meet the following requirements:
  • The driver is a current Porsche Club of America member in good standing or a PCA Test Drive program participant.
  • The driver is at least 18 years old. Drivers who are already in PCA Sim Racing as of March 1, 2022, are not affected.
  • The driver has a current iRacing account in their name that cannot be shared by an additional driver.
  • The driver agrees to comply with the iRacing Terms of Use and EULA regarding custom-painted car skins.
  • The driver has a current PCA Sim Racing Discord account in their name.

PCA Sim Racing 2024 Summer Tour operates with these supporting documents:

Driver Conduct

  • PCA Sim Racing is dedicated to sportsmanship and camaraderie. It is expected that each member will comply with the PCA Code of Ethics and Conduct, and treat other members in a respectful, fair, and courteous manner.
  • Demeaning, embarrassing, derogatory, bullying, retaliatory, or disrespectful language or actions are not allowed in any PCA Sim Racing session, on the Discord server, or in Discord direct messages.
  • PCA Sim Racing Admins have the authority, without prior notice or warning, to disqualify and remove a driver from a session if any of the above are observed.
  • The PCA Sim Racing Steering Committee has the authority to suspend or permanently remove a driver from any/all PCA Sim Racing activities including the Discord server and driver classes/leagues.

Race Procedures

  • As a preface to this section, there is no live Race Control issuing penalties, so all drivers are on the honor system to properly follow race procedures and avoid causing incidents.

Pace Lap

  • A short pace lap will be used if iRacing permits it on the event track.
  • Do not weave around, hard brake, hard accelerate or lag back to get a “run” on the field on the pace lap.
  • Avoid making contact with another competitor on the pace lap.

Race Starts

  • All 2024 Summer Series starts will be rolling.
  • Drivers should maintain pace car speed until the green.
  • Races start when iRacing shows the green flag / green lights.
  • Drivers must stay in their lane until they cross the start-finish line.


  • The overtaking driver is responsible for completing a clean, safe pass.
  • An overtaking driver, whether passing to the inside or outside; must have their front bumper to the middle of the car being passed to be recognized as “having position”.
  • An overtaking driver who does not have the position to make the pass will be deemed responsible for an incident if any arises out of the move.

Full Course Yellow (FCY)

  • There will be no full course yellows (FCY) in the 2024 Summer Tour.

Incidents & Penalties

  • After exceeding the incident points limit of 17 points the driver will receive a drive-through penalty.
  • A drive-through penalty will be applied for each additional 5 incident points thereafter.
  • Once a driver reaches the maximum incident point limit of 25 points they will be disqualified from the race.
  • All iRacing AI-applied penalties must be served.
  • Penalties issued by iRacing AI will not be reversed under any circumstances.
  • Avoid divebombs, unsafe rejoins, not holding brakes when losing control, or failing to slow down for significant incidents ahead.
  • While not mandatory if you cause an incident, i.e. contact with another car causing it to be turned, spun, or damaged, the sportsman thing to do is to give position back to the car you made contact with.

Penalty License & LPPs

  • There are no Penalty Licenses or LPPs for the 2024 Summer Series.

Potential Technical Issues

  • Do not connect to a PCA Sim Racing event via a wireless connection. Use only Ethernet-cabled connections to join PCA Sim Racing events.
  • iRacing is suffering from an increased amount of net code issues. It is strongly suggested you watch this video to understand net code and its impact on multiplayer sim racing.
  • Drivers with a poor internet connection may be removed from the race.