Version 1.3 – Published May 4th
Additions: “Weather Conditions”, “Incident Definition”, “Cars Downloads”, “Split Qualifying”, “Prelude Schedule”


The PCA Sim Racing Team Racing Series (TRS) is a team endurance racing series featuring Porsche platforms competing on iconic endurance racing tracks from around the globe.

The 2024 TRS is for PCA Sim Racing’s 4 classified leagues: Challenge, Sport, Club, Pro, and Porsche Club Great Britain (PCGB) participants. The target is drivers interested in endurance/team racing events with controlled class structures, limited incident points, no fast repairs, and much strategy.

To be successful, teams must focus on safe and effective real-world endurance racing strategies – driving cleanly, preserving their equipment, and avoiding incidents.

The 2024 TRS loosely follows the venues and schedule of the 2024 FIA WEC season.


All drivers must be current Porsche Club of America members in good standing, a PCA Test Drive program participant, or a member of the Porsche Club of Great Britain.

Car & Classes

There will be 2 cars for the 3 groups in this year’s TRS. The Porsche 963 (GTP) and Porsche 911 GT3R (GT3).

  • Group A: GT3R – ANY NON-PRO
  • Group B: GT3R – ANY CLASS (Limit 2 PRO maximum)
  • Group C: 963 – ANY CLASS (Limit 2 PRO maximum)
  • PCGB will provide their drivers’ proficiency to assess which drivers are PCA Sim Racing Pro Class equivalent.
  • There is no limit to the number of entries allowed on the grid in any car or group.
  • All groups use open setups.
  • Fuel capacity is set to 100% of car capability.
  • Trading Paints will be used, but validated as explained in the Paint Agreement below.

Car Downloads

Series Structure

  • Championship points events are governed by the TRS rules on this page.
  • All championship points events will count towards the final standings.
  • There are two 4-hour races; two 6-hour races; one 10-hour race in the series.
  • No drop races in the 5 race series.


  • All teams must sign up on the PCA Sim Racing Discord server in the 2024 TRS category > Registration channel.
  • New teams may form and join the 2024 TRS at any time during the series, subject to the restrictions below.
  • Should you need to make any changes to your team entry, please edit your original sign-up post, and do not make a new post.
  • Car numbers will be first come, first served when the team registers.
  • The Discord registration channel will be open on Friday, March 8th.
  • There is no registration fee to enter the 2024 Team Racing Series.


  • Teams may elect to compete in either GTP or GT3, however, teams may not score points in more than one car during the season. For example, once a team competes in the Porsche 963, that team is not eligible to transfer in whole to the GT3 class.
  • Teams must sign up for their car before the first event the team competes.
  • Teams must comprise a MINIMUM of 2 drivers and a MAXIMUM of 6 drivers.
  • Servers will require a MINIMUM of 2 event drivers and a MAXIMUM of 4 event drivers.
  • iRacing’s Fair Share Rules will be used for all 5 events.
  • The qualifying driver does not need to start the race. Any driver on the team can start the race.

Team Managers

  • Teams must select one Team Manager to represent their team.
  • The Team Manager should sign up on the TRS Team Registration Discord channel.
  • The Team Manager will be the point of contact for all activity regarding the team.
  • The Team Manager is responsible for communicating team information with the league.
  • Team Managers are allowed to manage more than one team, however…
  • Team Managers may only drive for ONE team.
  • Team Managers must sign up their team drivers and select their car class within the Team Registration Discord channel before entering their first championship event.


  • Any driver change to team rosters must be posted in the Team Registration Discord channel no less than 24 hours before the event.
  • The change will be effective by posting all changes to the PCA 2024 TRS Registration Discord channel.
  • Drivers may be added to a team roster during the season up to a maximum of 6 drivers; however, the new driver must NOT have scored points for another team running in the same car class AND driver classification combination during the season.
  • Drivers may not be members of more than one team roster at any time.
  • To move to a new team, the driver must first be removed from the previous team.
  • Once a driver is removed from a Team Roster, they may not rejoin that same team during the same series.

Race Conditions

  • Presuming outstanding issues to iRacing’s Tempest system can be resolved, realistic weather conditions from the 2024 WEC venues will be used.
  • All sim times will be set to the actual date(s) of the WEC event, not always on the day of the TRS race.
  • There is no time compression in the series. All races run in real time.
  • In iRacing starting times for races will vary.
  • The series will alternate between the iRacing East (Boston) and West servers.
  • There will be no starting zones.
  • Track state will carry over to the next session.
  • Marbles are on.
  • Rolling start.
  • Qualifying Conduct Scrutiny is off.
  • 10 minute enhanced penalty period at the start.
  • Short parade laps when available for the track.


Instead of a 10-minute qualifying session, we are going to extend the qualifying session so GT3/GTE and GTP can each have 10 minutes of open qualifying as the WEC does.

There will be a short break to transition between GT qualifying and GTP qualifying.


  • When qualifying starts, the GT cars, classes A + B, will roll out of the pits and start their qualifying session.
  • GTP cars will sit in the pits and not go onto the track.
  • At 10 minutes, Race Control will announce over iRacing chat that “GT qualifying session has ended. Please return to the pits.”
  • GT cars must park their cars right away.
  • GTPs will start their qualifying session once Race Control announces “Qualifying is now open for GTP cars.”

Weather Conditions

Regarding incident limits for adverse weather conditions, the following will apply to 2024 TRS events. Because the new iRacing Tempest weather feature is evolving, we will continue to monitor its progress and revisit these conditions.

  • The projected weather forecast for the actual event will establish the 2024 TRS race conditions.
  • Weather conditions will be finalized 24 hours before the server’s official race session launch.
  • Teams should monitor the forecast and plan all aspects of their race strategy and tactics as a real endurance team would.
  • If no rain is expected for the race, the currently published incident point limits (and consequences) will be enforced. A DQ for exceeding incident points in “no rain is expected” races will be applied.
  • However, if rain is expected, then the first incident and successive incident point limits will be doubled. No DQ for exceeding incident points in “rain is expected” races.
  • Drive-through penalties will continue to be applied based on the doubled incident point rate.
  • Disqualification for any other reason will still be possible (e.g. driving backward on the track/pitlane, etc.).

Race Communications

  • Race Control will communicate with drivers only through the iRacing voice chat function during the event.
  • If your team would like a private Discord channel on the PCA Sim Racing Discord server, please send a Discord direct message (DM) to Doug Atkinson.

Race Control

  • We are happy to announce that DJ Lyon and Michael Hall will join us for the 2024 TRS.
  • DJ and Michael will be responsible for all activities regarding Race Control.
  • Participants should not post their interpretation of Race Control rulings.
  • The PCA Sim Racing Steering Committee and League Admins are not involved in penalty decisions for the 2024 TRS and should not be approached regarding rulings by Race Control. Please contact our Race Controller, DJ Lyon, on Discord regarding explanations of penalties.
  • All penalties assigned by iRacing AI must be fulfilled. No iRacing AI penalties will be removed.
  • All penalties assigned by Race Control are final. There is no IRR process available in the 2024 TRS.
  • There will be no Full Course Yellow flags thrown in the 2024 TRS.

Championship & Points

  • Points scored vary by race length per the table below.
  • Additional bonus point incentives for the pole position and zero incident points (0X)
  • All races will count towards the final championship standing.
  • All points scored are done so by the TEAM. This means drivers may be substituted according to the rules on this page.
  • All points accumulated by all drivers remain with the TEAM.
  • Series scoring is loosely based on the FIA/WEC points system.
4-hour Events (2) 6-hour Events (2) 10-hour Event (1)
Position Points Position Points Position Points
1 23 1 31 1 46
2 18 2 24 2 36
3 15 3 20 3 30
4 12 4 16 4 24
5 10 5 13 5 20
6 8 6 10 6 16
7 6 7 7 7 12
8 4 8 5 8 8
9 2 9 3 9 4
10 1 10 1 10 2
4-hour Events Bonuses 6-hour Events Bonuses 10-hour Event Bonuses
Pole Position +1 Pole Position +1 Pole Position +1
Zero Incident Points (0X) +1 Zero Incident Points (0X) +2 Zero Incident Points (0X) +4


Participant Requirements

Drivers who participate in the 2024 TRS must meet the following requirements:

  • The driver is a current Porsche Club of America member in good standing or a PCA Test Drive program participant.
  • The driver is at least 18 years old. Drivers who are already in PCA Sim Racing as of March 1, 2022, are not affected.
  • The driver has a current iRacing account in their name that cannot be shared by an additional driver.
  • The driver agrees to comply with the iRacing Terms of Use and EULA regarding custom-painted car skins.
  • The driver has a current PCA Sim Racing Discord account in their name.

PCA Sim Racing 2024 TRS operates with these supporting documents:

Driver Conduct

  • PCA Sim Racing is dedicated to sportsmanship and comradery. It is expected that each member will comply with the PCA Code of Ethics and Conduct, and treat other members in a respectful, fair, and courteous manner.
  • Demeaning, embarrassing, derogatory, bullying, retaliatory, or disrespectful language or actions are not allowed in any PCA Sim Racing session, on the Discord server, or in Discord direct messages.
  • Race Control has the authority, without prior notice or warning, to disqualify and remove a driver from a session if any of the above are observed.
  • The PCA Sim Racing Steering Committee has the authority to suspend or permanently remove a driver from any/all PCA Sim Racing activities including the Discord server and driver classes/leagues.
  • Drivers are welcome to request an explanation of their penalties in the 2024 TRS “ask-race-control” channel but do not contact anyone in Race Control via private messaging.

Custom Paint Agreement

  • The most recent iRacing Terms of Use and EULA include requirements for custom-painted car skins.
  • We need to comply with these requirements.
  • We will still use Trading Paints, but it is each Team Manager’s responsibility to provide their custom-painted car skin with the requirements defined in the iRacing Terms of Use and EULA.
  • If a custom skin is found to not comply, it will be substituted.
  • Compliance information is included in the iRacing Terms of Use and EULA, and the list of approved iRacing sponsor logos is in the iRacing Paint Shop.
  • In plain English, this means you cannot use any manufacturer / product / company logos / graphics in your custom-painted car skin unless they are in the iRacing Paint Shop or you have written approval from the owner to do so.
  • The “test” to determine if an item is permissible: is it uniquely identifiable? If yes, don’t use it.
  • This affects all broadcasts and streams of PCA Sim Racing events.

Race Procedures

Pace Lap

  • A short pace lap will be used if iRacing permits it on the event track.
  • Weaving around, hard braking, hard accelerating, and lagging back to get a “run” on the field is forbidden on the pace lap. Drivers who are observed will be given one verbal warning by Race Control. If it continues, a drive-through penalty is assigned by Race Control after the start of the race.
  • Making contact with another competitor on the pace lap is subject to a drive-through penalty assigned by Race Control after the start of the race.

Race Starts

  • All 2024 TRS starts will be rolling.
  • Drivers should maintain pace car speed until the green.
  • Races start when iRacing shows the green flag / green lights.
  • There are no League restrictions on passing once the race has started.


  • The overtaking driver is responsible for completing a clean, safe pass.
  • An overtaking driver, whether passing to the inside or outside; must have their front bumper to the middle of the car being passed to be recognized as “having position”. An overtaking driver who does not have the position to make the pass will be deemed responsible for an incident if any arises out of the move.

Incidents & Penalties

  • Incident definition – At least two cars making contact with one of them being turned, spun, or damaged.
  • Please be sure to closely manage team and driver registrations for each event.
  • It is the responsibility of each Team Manager to ensure race day registrations are accurate.
  • Race Control cannot assist with inaccurate registrations within a session.
  • Penalties and/or incident points applied by the iRacing AI are final.
  • Incident points are limited during each event.
  • Race Control will review incidents involving any car contact and will reserve the right to assign blame and issue additional in-race penalties and/or LPP at their sole discretion.
  • All decisions and penalties assigned during an event are final.
  • There will be no post-race review of penalties (no IRRs).
  • Penalties for exceeding the specified incident limit are applied, as follows.
Incident Limit Level Penalty
First Limit black flag / drive-through
Second Limit black flag / drive-through
Third Limit disqualification (DQ)

“Ten Minute Rule”

Applies to incidents caused at any point during the first TEN (10) minutes of every race.

Level 1: Incident = drive through
Level 2: Incident with negligence = 1 minute stop & hold
Level 3: Incident with egregious = 5 minutes stop & hold


  • Each team is provided with a penalty license with zero points at the beginning of the 2024 TRS.
  • All points are assigned to the team (not the driver in the car) and are cumulative throughout the 2024 TRS.
  • Teams who accrue 10 points on their penalty license will receive a 1-race ban, and their penalty license reset to 5 points.
  • For example, if the team accrues 10 points on the license by Event 3, the team will miss Event 4 and then resume at Event 5 with 5 points on the team penalty license.
  • If an in-race penalty is issued by Race Control, the following table is used to determine the license penalty points.
Incident Description TEAM LPPs Assigned
Driving causing an incident 2
Driving causing an incident at any point from joining the grid through the first TEN (10) minutes of every race 3
Careless driving 4
Disqualification by Race Control (no LPPs for maximum incidents) 5
A violation of the PCA Code of Ethics and Conduct, PCA Sim Racing Discord Rules & Guidelines, iRacing Terms of Use and EULA, iRacing Official Sporting Code, iRacing Paint Guidelines, or 2024 TRS rules 3

Potential Technical Issues

  • Do not connect to a PCA Sim Racing event via a wireless connection. Use only Ethernet-cabled connections to join PCA Sim Racing events.
  • iRacing is suffering from an increased amount of net code issues. It is strongly suggested you watch this video to understand net code and its impact on multiplayer sim racing.
  • Drivers with a poor internet connection may be removed from the race after the following steps:
    1. Any driver who has a bad connection will be alerted with a warning by Race Control.
    2. A second warning will be sent to the driver by Race Control after 3 minutes.
    3. If the connection doesn’t stabilize after 5 minutes, Race Control will ask the driver to park their car in the pits to try and resolve the problem. Connection issues can many times be resolved by rebooting the computer, or router, or reducing the home Internet connection load.
    4. If there is an additional problem and the driver’s connection remains unstable, they will, unfortunately, need to leave the server for the race so it does not affect the race quality for other competitors.
    5. Drivers are welcome to rejoin the race after resolving their internet problems.

2024 TRS Schedule

Event 1
Date: April 14th
Server Opens: 11:30 AM EST / 8:30 AM PST
Venue: Imola (Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari)
Layout: Grand Prix
Race Length: 6 hours
Qualifying: Open, 15 minutes
Practice Start Time: 11:30 AM EST / 8:30 AM PST / 3:30 GMT
Qualifying Start Time: 11:45 AM EST / 8:45 AM PST / 3:45 GMT
Race Start Time: 12:05 PM EST / 9:05 AM PST / 4:05 GMT
Incident Points: 36 / 6 / 48 DQ
Race 1 Results
Series Results
Race 1 LPP Results
Series LPP Results

Event 2
Date: May 5th
Server Opens: 11:30 AM EST / 8:30 AM PST
Venue: Spa (Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps)
Layout: Endurance
Race Length: 4 hours
Qualifying: Open, 25 minutes (split qualifying)
Practice Start Time: 11:30 AM EST / 8:30 AM PST / 3:30 GMT
Qualifying Start Time: 11:45 AM EST / 8:45 AM PST / 3:45 GMT
Race Start Time: 12:10 PM EST / 9:10 AM PST / 4:10 GMT
Incident Points: 24 / 6 / 36 DQ
Race 2 Results
Series Results
Race 2 LPP Results
Series LPP Results

Event 3
Date: July 7th
Server Opens: 11:30 AM EST / 8:30 AM PST
Venue: Interlagos (Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace)
Layout: Grand Prix
Race Length: 4 hours
Qualifying: Open, 25 minutes (split qualifying)
Practice Start Time: 11:30 AM EST / 8:30 AM PST / 3:30 GMT
Qualifying Start Time: 11:45 AM EST / 8:45 AM PST / 3:45 GMT
Race Start Time: 12:10 PM EST / 9:10 AM PST / 4:10 GMT
Incident Points: 24 / 6 / 36 DQ

Event 4
Date: August 4th
Server Opens: 11:30 AM EST / 8:30 AM PST
Venue: Austin (Circuit of the Americas)
Layout: Grand Prix
Race Length: 6 hours
Qualifying: Open, 25 minutes (split qualifying)
Practice Start Time: 11:30 AM EST / 8:30 AM PST / 3:30 GMT
Qualifying Start Time: 11:45 AM EST / 8:45 AM PST / 3:45 GMT
Race Start Time: 12:10 PM EST / 9:10 AM PST / 4:10 GMT
Incident Points: 36 / 6 / 48 DQ

Event 5
Date: September 8th
Server Opens: 11:30 AM EST / 8:30 AM PST
Venue: Fuji (Fuji Speedway)
Layout: Grand Prix
Race Length: 10 hours
Qualifying: Open, 25 minutes (split qualifying)
Practice Start Time: 11:30 AM EST / 8:30 AM PST / 3:30 GMT
Qualifying Start Time: 11:45 AM EST / 8:45 AM PST / 3:45 GMT
Race Start Time: 12:10 PM EST / 9:10 AM PST / 4:10 GMT
Incident Points: 60 / 6 / 72 DQ