Arrive & Drive Racing

Area Racing Manager – Rusty Pruden, Central Indiana Region PCA

ARRIVE & DRIVEArrive & Drive features a no planning, no practice, “just show up and run whenever you have the time” race environment! If you are serious about winning, please look at the other terrific PCA Sim Racing series and events offered.

Major Change! All PCA Main League members will be able to race in any or all of the weekly sessions.  No longer will a driver have to request and join a separate Arrive & Drive League. Are you a current member of one of the main PCA Sim Racing Leagues (Pro, Club, Sport, or Challenge)? Just join our Main League sessions (East or West or both!) on Tuesday nights!

Races will be held

  • Every Tuesday Evening at 8:00 PM Eastern time
  • Every Tuesday Evening at 8:00 PM Pacific time


  • 40 minute practice
  • 10 minute qualifying
  • 40 minute race


  • We’ll be running tracks previously used by PCA Sim Racing from all over the globe.
  • Cars used will include all available iRacing Porsches, including Ruf’s.
  • All fixed setups.
  • Some sessions may be “handicapped” by PCA Class.
  • Multiple cars may be used for individual sessions, either by PCA Class or Drivers’ choice.
  • The sessions and cars will be announced on the day of the session, but the tracks will not be announced.
  • Aggressive, hyper-competitive racing will not be tolerated. The emphasis is on low-keyed, sportsmanship-focused, fun racing among friends. Violations may result in suspension or expulsion from future participation (at the sole discretion of the league administration).