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Driver Education

What is eDE?

PCA Sim Racing’s “e Driver Education” program (eDE) is modeled after the popular PCA HPDE program where experienced instructors train drivers in classroom sessions and on real sports car tracks. Our eDE program functions the same way, only in the virtual world.

For drivers new to sim racing, and more experienced sim racers who want to join PCA Sim Racing, we have a complete program to get you started.

If you are not a member of PCA Sim Racing, click the following link to get

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How to Proceed Step-by-Step

Step 1.

Please watch this introductory video (13 minutes in length).

Step 2.

PCA Sim Racing is free to join for active PCA Members and Associate Members who are 18 years old, so make sure your PCA membership is active.

Step 3.

Join our Discord server to discuss events and activities. How to join our Discord server is here. Most of our day-to-day discussions are located on the social media platform Discord.

Step 4.

Determine if you already have computer resources that will work, or if you’ll need to purchase some additional hardware.

PCA Sim Racing

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2023 Team Racing Series

Area Racing Manager – Bob Rose, Shenandoah Region

TRS Finale at Road Atlanta

2023 Team Racing SeriesUpdate

September 24th – Time acceleration for Race 6 at Road Atlanta has changed from 4x to 2x. The start time remains the same as listed below.


The 2023 Team Racing Series offers a competitive team endurance racing series featuring Porsche GT platforms competing on iconic endurance tracks from around the globe. To be successful, teams must focus on safe and effective real-world endurance racing strategies

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2023 Zone Group Championship

By Chip Witt, Redwood Region


Having raced so quickly from the 2023 Zone Group Championship right into Series 10, it would be easy to forget to celebrate one as we become immersed in the other. Personally, I wanted to thank all of the participants and supporters for a tremendous ZGC.

Throughout the series, camaraderie and sportsmanship were high, and the competition was fierce; demonstrating passion not only for sim racing and our league but drivers’ pride in representing their respective PCA Zones.

Every year over the last several years PCA Sim Racing has run a

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Archive – Zone Group 3 & 12

2021 Winter Zone Group Challenge Series

(Qualifier for 2022 PCA Zone Group Challenge Championship)

Final Results:

Congratulations to the following drivers for advancing to the Championship!

Vehicles & Setups

Event Calendar/Schedule

We will follow the last 3 races of the iRacing GT3 Fanatec Challenge, 2 races from our Zone Group, and the 3 races selected for the

Archive – Zone Group 1

2023 Zone 1 Zone Group Championship (ZGC)

ZGC Run-Off Practice

When: Monday, January 23 8:00PM
Where: Sebring International, meet in discord zone 1 channel 1
Session Name: PCA Zone 1 ZGC Run-off
Who’s Invited: All Zone 1 drivers
Meet in discord at 8PM session will go live at 8:30

Zone 1 Zone Group Challenge Qualifier

The Zone Group Qualifier race for Zone 1 will be on Wednesday, January 25 at 8 PM EST at Sebring.

Driver Qualification Process

Please read 2023 Zone Group Championship – PCA Sim Racing for details on the upcoming Zone Group Championship series starting Feb 8, 2023.

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Archive – Zone Group 5, 10, & 13

Zone Group Qualifying Series

The Zone Group Qualifying Series for Central Zone Group will kick off in late November. The Qualifying Series for Central ZG will serve as a qualifying race series for the Zone Group Championship at the National level.  The races will be held bi-weekly with an eDE/Track Walk held on the off weeks. The format for the Central ZGC is as follows:


  • 992 Cup will be used for all classes

Race Format

  • Server start time 6PM CST
  • 70 minute practice
  • 10 minute lone qualifying (3laps)
  • 40 minute race
  • all 4 classes in one race
  • Fixed sprint setup with
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Archive – Zone Group 2 & 4


The Zone Group 2 & 4 Sim Racing Coordinators welcome you to our group! To join the PCA Sim Racing Zone Group 2 & 4 (a.k.a. The Founders of Schnell) you need to be a PCA member in one of the regions in Zone 2 or 4 and be a member of the PCA Sim Racing League.

For instructions on how to join the PCA Sim Racing League, please click here. Once you join, you will automatically become a member of the Zone Group 2 & 4 Sim Racing League if you are in either Zone.

The Founders of Schnell welcomes

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