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Sim Racing Reflections at the Rolex 24

By Michael Nyden, Peachstate Region PCA You know, it’s a slogan or a tag line, “It’s not just the cars, it’s the people”. We’ve all heard it, and some of us (like me, for instance) even plug it into communications to promote the club or activity within it. And when you’re relaxing in the Porsche Club of America tent at the kink in the Daytona infield on race day, it may not be the thing that’s most on your mind. Podium eSports On the other hand, when you notice a ....

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Series 2

Series Review Seven races, some of the most famous North American tracks, a packed field of screaming Porsche 911 RSRs each with distinct liveries carrying PCA Sim Racers representing each driver’s PCA Regional Clubs in North America, and a live broadcast with professional commentators following actions up and down the field – this pretty much sums up Series 2. The Podium eSports live broadcast with professional commentators closely followed the professional-grade wheel-to-wheel action throughout the field across all races, showcasing some of the most action-packed scenes in e-motorsports. Series Races ....

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Good PCA Sim Racing Etiquette

Be pleasant to other drivers Nobody is trying to do badly, most drivers are probably doing the best they can, and they’re probably just as excited as you are about racing. By saying “No problem, buddy!” shows more about you than the guy who tapped your car. We have a very eclectic group We have sim racers who have handled performance sports cars at high speed in HPDE events but have minimal or zero experience in wheel-to-wheel racing. We have some drivers who have gone wheel-to-wheel for a very long ....

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Events Calendar

Series 4 - March & April 2020 Announced! Read the details on the Series 4 page. Camp Hotlaps (Summertime Fun) A console-based sim racing competition with Forza Motorsports on the Microsoft Xbox Network! Details to follow. Series 5 - September & October 2020 Preliminary details are now available! Additional details announced after the conclusion of Series 4

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Interlude & Prelude

Before and between our PCA Sim Racing Series are Wednesday night events called Interlude (between Series) and Prelude (between Series races). These non-points, low-pressure events are good practice and testing sessions for the main Series events and a great way to visit with friends. They are organized by Steering Committee Member Mike Nyden. Mike announces Interlude and Prelude events on the PCA Sim Racing Discord server. What is “Prelude” and what is its purpose? Genesis Early during season one, the thought occurred that a friendly and low-stress event, run on ....

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Reference Library

There are a lot of articles and video resources available for sim racing. Here are some of our favorites. Articles How to Carry On Your Race Good PCA Sim Racing Etiquette PCA Sim Racing: A Family Affair (pca.org) Sim Racing Reflections at the Rolex 24 Video Series Driver61 Driver's University iRacing Driving School Series PCA Sim Racing Series 1 Playlist PCA Sim Racing Series 2 Playlist PCA Sim Racing Series 3 Playlist Getting Started Primer Part 1 Primer Part 2

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Getting Started

by Bill Anderson, Longhorn Region PCA Ready to join us in PCA Sim Racing? You need to set your expectations for PCA Sim Racing. If you're a veteran iRacing driver and you think this will be like your weekly drop-in races, it isn't. This group is founded on the principles of gentlemen driver racing found in PCA Club Racing. If you are a beginner racing online this is a great place to start as we openly coach and mentor new drivers so they can succeed in this racing series. Checklist ....

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Just as in real racing, sim racing requires preparation, training, and orientation to enjoy the hobby. Our Racecraft page will get you started with racing equipment, training, and orientation. As you might have guessed, it is possible to spend a nominal amount of money getting going, or also as you may have guessed, a significant amount of money. But as is always the case, proficiency comes with practice. Join PCA Sim Racing! You can register with the League on this webpage. You'll need your PCA Member Number, your active iRacing.com ....

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Series 5

Series Introduction Series 5 is planned for Friday evenings in September and October 2020. iRacing has announced they will be releasing the Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport in “winter” 2020. That is what PCA Sim Racing plans to use as its Series 5 car. Additional Series 5 information will be announced after the conclusion of Series 4. Series Races Series 5 race venues are: Race 1 - WeatherTech Raceway (Laguna Seca) Results Replay Broadcast Video Race 2 - Canadian Tire Motorsports Park (MoSport) Results Replay Broadcast Video Race 3 - ....

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Series 4

Series Introduction Series 4 continues on the success of the inaugural 2019 PCA Sim Racing year, with eight (8) iRacing races in the Series during March and April 2020. The iRacing Porsche 911 RSR will be used for all events. Each race will offer a grid spot for up to 60 eligible drivers in the race, featuring a multi-class set up of three (3) groups competing for their own championship points and prizes awarded to three (3) podiums. Classes for Series 4 are: PCA Pro PCA Club PCA Rookies ....

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