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A Brief Summary of the April 2021 PCA Sim Racing Survey

By David K. Palmer, Allegheny Region PCA


Those of you who have been participating with us for some time know that the Steering Committee has published surveys on a regular basis. We use them as a tool to refine the product that we are producing for you. While, of course, this method is imperfect, it does provide us valuable feedback, which, I can assure you, is taken into account by those of us who are tasked with creating and administering the PCA Sim Racing schedule and events that you are driving with us.

The timing of this survey comes at an interesting Read More >

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Series 6

Series 6 News & Updates

Check here during the Series for updates.

April 7th, 8 PM EasternZGCC-Carset1 released. Be sure and read the README inside the zip file.



Porsche Club of America announces the premiere PCA Sim Racing Spring 2021 eight-race championship. This is the sixth racing series in the PCA Sim Racing program. Each spring PCA sim racers compete in four classes, based on driver skill and experience, in live broadcast events with professional commentators.

With experienced PCA Sim Racers back in the Porsche GT3 Cup and newer racers in the Porsche 997 track car, all driving on iconic Read More >

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2021 Zone Group Challenge Championship

Replays & Results

ZGCC Spa-Francorchamps, Event 1


PCA Challenge

PCA Sport

PCA Club




The 2021 Zone Group Challenge Championship is the final rung of the Zone Group competition ladder that started last November. Congratulations to all drivers from the Zone Group Series and the Zone Group Challenge Series who will be representing their PCA Zone in the 2021 Zone Group Challenge Championship!


Event 1 – Spa-Francorchamps
Friday, April 9
Layout: Grand Prix

Event 2 – Road Atlanta
Friday, April 16
Layout: Full Course


Our goal is to have the West Coast Read More >

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Reference Library

There are a lot of articles and video resources available for sim racing. Here are some of our favorites.


Video Series

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2021 Zone Group Challenge


These drivers are podium winners of the Zone Group Challenge and have raced their way into the Championship. All drivers have an invitation to join their ZGCC Class league.

Challenge Class
Ryan Rapolas / Riesentöter Region / Zone 2
David Snelling / Northeast Region / Zone 1
Alan Kirby / North Country Region / Zone 1
Challenge Class Final Results

Sport Class
Gregory Samson / Maverick Region / Zone 5
Thomas Lamay / Northeast Region / Zone 1
Adam Girling / Metropolitan New York Region / Zone 1
Sport Class Final Results

Club Class
Al Burke / Upper Canada Region / Zone 1
Julian Velez / Northern Read More >

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2021 Zone Group Winners

Congratulations to the following drivers who will be representing their Zones in the upcoming 2021 Challenge Championship! Drivers with an asterisk signify they are podium winners of the Zone Group Challenge, and have raced their way into the Championship field.

Zone 1

James Huth
Chris Braun
Cameron Martineau
Shaibal Bandyopadhyay
Michael Polasek *

James Su
Mark O. Harris
Robert Lacroix
Jeremy Mazzariello
Al Burke *
Julian Velez *

Aaron Ambrosino
Paul Solk
George Markadakis
Peter Yerxa
Thomas Lamay *
Adam Girling *

David D. Palmer
Kim Fricke
Anker Berg-Sonne
Robert Benson
David Snelling *
Alan Kirby *

Zone 2

Joshua Vieira
Igor Soykher
Jason Lisner
Richard Franco

Jared Rodeheaver
Jeff P. Smith
Kevin Douglas
Tamer Elbaga

Dave Kraige
Daniel Ruble
John Read More >

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2021 TeamRacing Series

March 20, 2021 Update

Results from Event 2 at Sebring are now available.
The penalties for any IRR cited teams from Event 2 and Event 3 will be applied at the beginning of Event 4.
The next race, Event 3 on May 30th at the Le Mans track, will be held to benefit Operation Motorsport.
Read details about Event 3 here.


Championship Standings

Group standings through Event 2, Sebring.

Group A
Group B
Group C



Follow these Steps

Drivers who participate in the TeamRacing Series must meet the following requirements:

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