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2024 Team Racing Series

Version 1.1 – Published April 13th
Additions: “Weather Conditions”, “Incident Definition”
Pre-Race Team Update on Discord


The PCA Sim Racing Team Racing Series (TRS) is a team endurance racing series featuring Porsche platforms competing on iconic endurance racing tracks from around the globe.

The 2024 TRS is for PCA Sim Racing’s 4 classified leagues: Challenge, Sport, Club, Pro, and Porsche Club Great Britain (PCGB) participants. The target is drivers interested in endurance/team racing events with controlled class structures, limited incident points, no fast repairs, and much strategy.

To be successful, teams must focus on safe and

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2024 Summer Tour

Welcome to the PCA Sim Racing 2024 Summer Tour.

There will be weekly races from April 24 through August 21.

All Main League (Pro, Club, Sport, Challenge) drivers may participate.

The races will be multi-car class and multi-driver class.

Hosted by Jeff Williams, Rocky Mountain Region
Have a question about the 2024 Summer Tour?
Contact Jeff on PCA Sim Racing Discord!


There are three championships to compete for:

  • Car Class
  • Driver Class
  • Zone Group

Only your best 5 finishes in each car class are counted towards the championships giving a lot of

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Sim Racing Equipment

By Doug Atkinson, Lone Star Region
Updated April 10, 2024

Hardware Spring 2024

Reader’s Note  This page is in the process of being updated, here are my current thoughts on hardware components. The rest of the page will be updated soon as I can block some time.


  • If you plan to use the machine primarily for gaming and not productivity, go with the 7800X3D.
  • If you do video editing, 3D modeling, or heavy spreadsheet work, go with Intel. But go 14700k.
  • DDR5 6000 with CAS 30 in 32 GB (2 x 16 NOT 4 x 8).
  • Video cards: Do not purchase any card

Series Racing

Area Racing Managers
Onboarding, Entry & Challenge Classes – Jeff Williams, Rocky Mountain Region
Sport Class – Chip Witt, Redwood Region
Club, & Pro Classes – Rodney Campbell, BC Interior Region

PCA Sim Racing’s longest-running events are the “Series” races. The Series is held in the first quarter and fourth quarters of each year. Starting with a modest grid size and a single class, it has grown to 5 classes, with 240+ participants for each new Series.

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Series 12

Full details on Series 12 will be released in August, but a few announcements have been released.

The dates for Series 12 have been determined for September through December 2024. Download the image here.


Details are to be announced in August 2024.

Event 1

Entry Replay
Entry Results   Entry Series Results
Entry LPP   Entry Series LPP

Challenge Replay   Challenge Broadcast
Challenge Results   Challenge Series Results
Challenge Series LPP

Sport Replay   Sport Broadcast
Sport Results   Sport Series Results
Sport LPP   Sport Series LPP

Club Replay   Club Broadcast
Club Results   Club Series Results
Club LPP   Club Series LPP

Pro Replay   Pro Broadcast
Pro Results   Pro Series Results
Pro LPP   Pro Series LPP

Event 2

Entry Replay
Entry Results 

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Team Racing

Area Racing Manager – Bob Rose, Shenandoah Region


Sebring. Le Mans. Daytona. Classic motorsports tracks where Porsche has had a long successful history. PCA Sim Racing continues to bring the excitement, strategy, and tactics of endurance racing in the annual Team Racing Series.

The 2024 Team Racing Championship starts on April 14th, 2024. It features events of 4, 6, and 10 hours.

The Championship series occurs on 5 iconic endurance racing venues spanning 4 continents.

The 2024 TRS information has been published and is now available. Team registration is now

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2023 Team Racing Series

Area Racing Manager – Bob Rose, Shenandoah Region

Congratulations 2023 TRS Class Winners!

GT3 Pro Winner    Hydrorace JRT™ Racing

Drivers: Jacob Shum, Rafael Amorim, Travis Brodie, Michael Coholich

GT3 Pro Winner    Hydrorace JRT™ Racing

GT3 AM Winner    3 Amigos

Drivers: Robert Walton, Jason Brodigan, Aaron Nations

GT3 AM Winner    3 Amigos

GT4 Pro Winner     SimRat Racing

Drivers: Robert Rattray, Eon Simon

GT4 Pro Winner     SimRat Racing

GT4 AM Winner    Matrix

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There are a lot of articles and video resources available for sim racing. Here are some of our favorites.


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