Let’s Have a Party!


Matrix Motorsport is hosting a Porsche GT3 R launch party next Thursday, June 10th at 8 PM Eastern / 5 PM Pacific.


Two servers will be set up in the PCA Sim Racing Main League. One for Pro/Club and one for Sport/Challenge

Both the Pro/Club session and the Sport/Challenge session will have a 30-minute practice, 10-minute qualifying, and two 15-minute sprint races at Laguna Seca.


You can’t have a party if you don’t have prizes! Matrix Motorsport will be giving out a few iRacing gift cards and Needham Design liveries for the brand new GT3R in both sessions. These prizes

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What’s Coming Up in 2021?

Will PCA Sim Racing continue in 2021?

PCA Sim Racing will not only continue in 2021, there will be new programs, new series, and many new opportunities to race against fellow PCA members across North America.

What are the 2021 Series and Events?

PCA Sim Racing will continue with the Spring and Fall live broadcasted race series (Spring Series 6 and Fall Series 7). As with last year, there will also be several “one-off” special events. The International Sim Racing Challenge will return with even more international Porsche clubs joining the competition.

New for 2021, there will be a

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Series 5, Event 4 Recap at Road Atlanta

by Matthew Mitchell, Peachstate Region PCA

Series 5 PCA Sport class at Road Atlanta Series 5 PCA Sport class at Road Atlanta

Real & Virtual Road Atlanta

PCA Sim Racing and PCA Club Racing were both at Road Atlanta this last weekend. Our broadcast included special in the car features from the Club Race in our broadcast to show the realism of iRacing the Sim Racers enjoy. We started the broadcast with a hot lap done by ACI Motorsports driver Billy Van Ginkel, then immediately over to

The International Sim Racing Challenge

Porsche Club of America raced door-to-door against the Porsche Club Great Britain in a first-ever two-race international sim racing series. The International Sim Racing Challenge featured over 50 of the best sim racers from each Porsche club compete in both recorded live broadcasts.

Porsche Club of America invited the top sim racing drivers from the PCA Sim Racing Series 4 championship standings to participate in the International event.

The Porsche RSR was raced by all drivers and each car displayed the driver’s country flag and Porsche club logo to help show the rivalry between

2020 Virtual California Festival of Speed

By Matthew Mitchell, Peachstate Region PCA

Going Virtual

The popular annual event the California Festival of Speed was held virtually this year at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California through iRacing. In conjunction with the Porsche Club of America’s Club Racing, Zone 8, and Sim Racing groups there was quite a show to be seen. The sim racing winners would receive a Porsche Collection watch for each of the class wins.

Chris Walsh Race 3 GTC7 overall winner

Partnering with VRS

When you partner with some person or some company, it’s in hopes that a shared goal, like a great simulator racing experience, for instance, can be reached by working together.

Virtual Racing School (VRS) has a reputation for presenting not only fine setups, but helping drivers reach their potential with datapacks, analysis, and training. PCA Sim Racing has developed a reputation for some of the best, most respectful, and most competitive racing in all of the iRacing world.

It was a “natural” for PCA Sim Racing to reach out to VRS, and suggest a partnership with our League

It’s Time to go Racing Again

By Christopher Paiz, Lone Star Region PCA

In the coming weeks, Porsche Club of America members will be taking to the virtual race track in iRacing to compete in the first racing season of 2020: Series 4. For the uninitiated, The PCA Sim Racing Series gives PCA members the ability to compete in some of the most exciting Porsche race cars at world-famous race tracks, all from the comfort of their homes.

From the beginning, the goal of the PCA Sim Racing Series was to create a sort of virtual version of PCA club racing. While real-life wheel-to-wheel

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