eDE Driver Education

By James Huth, Hudson Champlain Region PCA and David K. Palmer, Allegheny Region PCA

What is eDE?

PCA Sim Racing has a driver training program called “e Driver Education”. eDE is modeled after the popular PCA HPDE activity where well-versed instructors train drivers in the classroom and on track. Our eDE program emulates the same concept in sim racing.


Our Classroom

We are serious about Sim Racing, and treat driver responsibility with the same importance as HDPE. We hold eDE Group Training every Monday. Our Classroom includes help to set up your

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Partnering with VRS

When you partner with some person or some company, it’s in hopes that a shared goal, like a great simulator racing experience, for instance, can be reached by working together.

Virtual Racing School (VRS) has a reputation for presenting not only fine setups, but helping drivers reach their potential with datapacks, analysis, and training. PCA Sim Racing has developed a reputation for some of the best, most respectful, and most competitive racing in all of the iRacing world.

It was a “natural” for PCA Sim Racing to reach out to VRS, and suggest a partnership with our League

Good PCA Sim Racing Etiquette

Be pleasant to other drivers

Nobody is trying to do badly, most drivers are probably doing the best they can, and they’re probably just as excited as you are about racing. By saying “No problem, buddy!” shows more about you than the guy who tapped your car.

We have a very eclectic group

We have sim racers who have handled performance sports cars at high speed in HPDE events but have minimal or zero experience in wheel-to-wheel racing.

We have some drivers who have gone wheel-to-wheel for a very long time in regional and national competitions within PCA, and in fact with IMSA, SCCA,

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How to Carry On Your Race

Mike Nyden - Peachstate Region PCA

By Mike Nyden, Peachstate Region PCA

I’m offering my opinion on how to carry on your race while showing courtesy to a car that’s trying to lap you. I’m not telling anyone that this is “The Thing to Do” in every situation – but if you’re like me, you’re looking for any way to be a sportsman and gentleman and still stay competitive. This might be another thing you can do. It’s one more thing that might help you enjoy the experience.

The Situation

You’re racing on a track that

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