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PCA Sim Racing can provide live broadcasts only because of the terrific support our sponsors provide. Should you find you have a need for their products or services, please consider them. And tell them thanks for supporting PCA Sim Racing!

The Porsche Exchange is the S10 Title Sponsor

PCA is happy to announce that The Porsche Exchange, a Premier Porsche dealership located in the Chicago area, will sponsor all 40 races in the upcoming PCA Sim Racing Series 10.

Series 10 competition runs March 15th through June 25th with over 275 PCA members

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Teams of the 2022 PCA Pro GT3 Cup Series

By Stephen Kemp
President Nord Stern Region PCA
PCA Pro GT3 Cup Series Co-Manager

PCA Sim Racing is pleased to have several well-known professional Porsche Carrera racing teams participating in the 2022 PCA Pro GT3 Cup Racing Series. Let’s meet them now!

PCA Pro GT3 Cup Racing311RS Motorsports has joined the Pro GT3 Cup season with a dedicated sSports team – 311RS Motorsports.  The team is a two-car program with Dimitri Dimakos and Porsche Junior Laurin Heinrich.  Dimakos started his Porsche Cup racing with 3 wins at Road Atlanta

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By Mike Nyden, Sonnenschein Region PCA


Between our PCA Sim Racing Series are events called Prelude (between Series races). These non-points, low-pressure events are good practice and testing sessions for the main Series events and a great way to visit with friends.

What is “Prelude” and what is its purpose?


Early during season one, the thought occurred that a friendly and low-stress event, run on the same track as the event broadcast, might be a way to enjoy racing our Porsches while encouraging interaction and friendship. While originally conceived as a competitive “get together” and practice session using that season’s setup, it became

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By Mike Nyden, Sonnenschein Region PCA


Between our PCA Sim Racing Series are events called Interlude (between Series). These non-points, low-pressure events are good practice and testing sessions and a great way to visit with and meet new friends.

What is an “Interlude”?

We think that the competition and friendship that you’ve created within our league is something special, and between seasons, we just thought it would be fun to get together. Many of the tracks and cars used represents something that can be expected to be used during an upcoming Race Series.

Here is the information from the 2020 Interlude Summer Fun

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2021 Interlude Summer Fun Series

By Chip Witt, Redwood Region PCA

What do you get when you combine eighty-five PCA Sim Racers, eight incredibly technical tracks, and hot Summer Friday nights? The 2021 Summer Fun Series, that’s what!

The hallmark of this series, and really our entire PCA Sim Racing culture, has been in how different Zone Groups have contributed to its success. While the “Wild West Zones” (PCA Zones 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 & 14) have played host, the “Wildcats” (PCA Zone 1), “The Founders of Schnell” (PCA Zones 2 & 4), PCA Zones 3 & 12, and the “Central Zone Group” (PCA Zones 5,

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The Tip Jar – Special Pro Racer Edition

Sage advice from fellow sim racer and real-life pro race car driver, Tyler Cooke!

by Dean Chapman, Northern New Jersey Region PCA


What do you ensure you always do before a race?

Tyler Cooke, “I listen to some pump-up music, go over setup with the engineer, and focus on what I need to do to get the best result. A lot of times I am watching the broadcast and time charts to see how the car is doing throughout the stint and when the fall off starts. Knowing that information can help with finishing the race.”

What do

Dean’s List – Special Pro Racer Edition

by Dean Chapman, Northern New Jersey Region PCA

Congratulations! Welcome to our third and special web release!

You have found yourself on the pole position at the Dean’s List!

The Dean’s List is the place for me to ask questions of fellow PCA Sim Racing competitors, hopefully gleaning tidbits of information about their likes, dislikes, and equipment.
I’d like to thank Josh Vieira for hooking me up here.  Josh is our very own PCA member, Senior Zone Coordinator  Zone 2 and 4,  PCA Pro SIM racer, 944 real-life podium grabbing champ, and all-around super nice guy. (I think that’s worth $5! Josh?…:-)

Let’s move immediately

Important server details for Series 4 drivers

Series 4 Prelude

Series 4 Prelude(s) will be announced soon.

Please be aware that they too may be oversubscribed, so PLEASE JOIN THE CORRECT SERVER.

We will be emulating the schedule to be used for Friday’s races

There will be 2 Prelude servers

Just as there are 2 servers for Series 4, there will be 2 Prelude servers named the same as the Friday race servers:

Server 1: PCA Sportsman and PCA Rookie classes ONLY

Server 2: PCA Club and PCA Pro classes ONLY

Joining the correct server

If you join a server as a participant for the Prelude on Wednesday or a Race

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