Central ZRC: Mid-Ohio Race Recap

Race Report by Taylor Burris, Podium eSports

Opening Night for Zone Group 5, 10 & 13

The Zone Group kicked off their season last night at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course. PCA members fielded the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup and the Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport MR in an exciting form of multiclass Porsche racing.

The race was an hour in length along the challenging 2.4-mile course known for its elevation changes and technical turns.  Mid-Ohio is a challenge even for many veterans of the sports car world.

On the pole for GT3 Cup was Leon van Read More >

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Zone Group 3 & 12


Join us for localized PCA Sim Racing events as we grow the community!


Below is our 2020 Zone Event schedule. Join us! All registered PCA Sim Racing drivers are welcome to join our league and race with us! (However only zone 3 and zone 12 members will score points)

2020 Zone Event points standings

Note: 2020 Zone Event will not advance drivers to the 2021 Zone Challenge. The 2021 Zone Event (starting January 2021) will advance drivers to the 2021 Zone Challenge.

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Zone Group 1

Welcome to the inaugural PCA Zone 1 Sim Racing Challenge Series!

PCA Sim Racing is growing at an exponential rate and it has been determined that the best way to move forward with PCA Sim Racing is to move from a national format to a regional format, with regional racers qualifying for participation in national events.

Since this is the start of the inaugural PCA Zone 1 Challenge Series, we will be making adjustments as required along the way with the overall goal of providing a welcoming, fun and competitive sim racing environment for a growing and wide-ranging group of PCA Zone Read More >

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Zone Group 5, 10, & 13


We are proud to introduce to you the newly formed Central Zone Group (“Central”). For those that don’t know, “Central” is the nickname of our group officially known as Zone Group 5, 10, & 13. Central will provide drivers with development opportunities to hone racecraft and skills through the eDE Driver Education program as well as races throughout the year.

Central’s first series begins November 17, 2020, in the Central Zone Racing Challenge (“Central ZRC”). This mini-series will serve as a feeder series for the PCA Zone Racing Challenge (“Runoffs”) that will take place in early 2021. Central members who Read More >

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