Zone Group 1

Joining the PCA Sim Racing Zone 1 Group

To join the PCA Sim Racing Zone 1 Group you need to be a PCA member in one of the regions in Zone 1 and also be a member of the PCA Sim Racing League.

For instructions on how to join the PCA Sim Racing League click here. Once you join you will automatically become a member of the Zone 1 Sim Racing Team if you are in Zone 1.

Zone 1 Wildcats Zone Group Challenge Qualifier races

The Zone 1 Wildcats will run a series of races starting December 1 into January of

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Zone Group 5, 10, & 13


We are proud to introduce to you the newly formed Central Zone Group (“Central”). For those that don’t know, “Central” is the nickname of our group officially known as Zone Group 5, 10, & 13. Central will provide drivers with development opportunities to hone racecraft and skills through the eDE Driver Education program as well as races throughout the year.

Central welcomes and encourages all PCA Sim Racing members to join any Central activities, including Central’s ZRC races. Central aims to focus on the development of multi-class, endurance-style racing. If that sounds fun, stop by!

All participants in the Central ZRC

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2022 Zone Group Competition

Plans are underway for the 2022 Zone Group Competition and Championships.

For 2022, instead of drivers qualifying to represent their specific PCA Zone (as was the case in 2021), drivers will be qualifying to represent their Zone Group (in most cases, a consolidation of multiple PCA Zone Groups). This change was made in direct response to 2021 participant feedback to continue to ensure fairness in representation without compromising the integrity of the competition.

The Zone Group Qualifying Series will be run in December 2021 & January 2022. This series will qualify the 8 ZG representatives in each PCA Sim Racing Class (PCA

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Zone Group 2 & 4


Zone Group 2 & 4 Sim Racing Coordinators welcome you to our inaugural racing series! PCA Sim Racing has to this point been held in the context of National races, and the number of drivers competing has grown such that this is no longer viable. Having the racing take place at the Zone level, and eventually, the Region will facilitate everyone who would like to drive virtually with PCA.

We are very much looking forward to beginning this new chapter in PCA Sim Racing and sincerely hope that you will be an enthusiastic and regular participant as things get underway soon.



2021 Zone Group Challenge Championship

The 2021 Zone Group Challenge Championship was the final rung of the inaugural Zone Group competition ladder that started in November 2020.

The 2022 Zone Group competitive series will start up in November 2021 and culminate with the next Zone Group Championship in February 2022. In the meantime, check with your Zone Group to learn what exciting summertime events they have planned for your area!

Congratulations to Zone 1, Our 2021 Winner!

Zone 1 bested all other PCA National Zones in the 2021 competition. See how all the Zones finished here.

Congratulations to the 2021 ZGCC Podiums!

Congratulations to all drivers from

Zone Group 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 & 14

WWZ Announcements

Last update: Monday, September 27, 2021 20:40 PDT

The WWZ Racing league, comprised of Porsche Club of America Zones 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 and 14, is excited to be hosting the 2021 Summer Interim Series this year. We welcome all PCA Sim Racing members for this series, and look forward to seeing you all on-track.

If you are not yet a registered participant in PCA Sim Racing, be sure to follow the instructions here to get signed up;

Zone Group 3 & 12

In the News:

Great Results in the Zone Group Challenge Championship!

17 Drivers represented our Zone Group for the Championship

  • Zone 3 P2 Overall
  • Robert Rattray: P3 Pro Class Overall
  • Daniel Florian: P3 Challenge Class Overall
Circuit de Spa Francorchamps Highlights
  • Pro Class: Robert Rattray (P6), Jacob Shum (P9)
  • Club Class: Sean Murphy (P9), Gary Reiss (P10)
  • Sport Class: Lee Binkley (P4)
  • Challenge Class: Daniel Florian (P5)
Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta Highlights
  • Pro Class: Rafael Amorim (P3), Robert Rattray (P5), Jacob Shum (P6)
  • Club Class: Sean Murphy (Qualified P2, did not start due to technical issues), Gary Reiss (P10)
  • Challenge
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