2020 Steering Committee

Doug Atkinson, Lone Star Region – Program Chair
Mike Nyden, Peachstate Region – Driving Advisor
Liam Rudzitis, Upper Canada Region – Driving Advisor
Andrew Ellsom, Peachstate Region – Driving Advisor
Dewey Kang, Metropolitan New York Region – Driving Advisor
David Palmer, Allegany Region – Driving Advisor
Josh Vieira, Potomac Region – Driving Advisor
James Huth, Hudson Champlain Region – Driving Advisor & eDE Program Manager
Karen & Chuck Parrish – Timing & Scoring Managers
Jim Hemig, PCA National, PCA Marketing Director – Advisor

Broadcast Team

Ryan Bauer – Broadcast Producer
Kyle Barnes, DJ Lyon – Broadcast Race Control
James Pike, Taylor Burris, Justin Prince, and Rachael Whiteford – Announcers

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