By James Huth, Hudson Champlain Region PCA and David K. Palmer, Allegheny Region PCA

What is eDE?

PCA Sim Racing has a driver training program called “e Driver Education”. eDE is modeled after the popular PCA HPDE activity where well-versed instructors train drivers in the classroom and on track. Our eDE program emulates the same concept in sim racing.


Our Classroom

We are serious about Sim Racing, and treat driver responsibility with the same importance as HDPE. We hold eDE Group Training every Monday. Our Classroom includes help to set up your sim gear, getting your communications in order, getting on track, and working with instructors to better your understanding of PCA Sim Racing.

Just like HPDE, our instructors jump in your car and show you a proper driving line. We can also put multiple drivers in an instructor’s car, for a group learning experience during a track walk that you can’t get in HDPE.

It does not stop there. While Group Sessions help you get a feel of side-by-side, heads-up driving, our one-on-one Instruction Sessions dig deep into getting the most out of your car’s performance. Finding the racing line, learning to brake efficiently, using weight transfer and momentum; these skills cross both platforms.  What is different is the way in which you get feedback from the sim. It can be like learning to drive again. eDE can smooth the transition. We have great instructors who teach how to improve car control, to drivers of any level.

eDE is free for PCA Sim Racing members in good standing. Our instructors volunteer their time to help you improve and enjoy your experience!

Sound Interesting?

If you’re interested in eDE, we need a little more information to get you started. Please complete our registration.

We look forward to seeing you on track!