What is eDE?

PCA Sim Racing’s “e Driver Education” program (eDE) is modeled after the popular PCA HPDE program where experienced instructors train drivers in classroom sessions and on real sports car tracks. Our eDE program functions the same way, only in the virtual world.

For drivers new to sim racing, and more experienced sim racers who want to join PCA Sim Racing, we have a complete program to get you started.

If you are not a member of PCA Sim Racing, click the following link to get started: Get Started in PCA Sim Racing.

The Classroom

Chris Paiz will continue his classroom sessions on most Mondays at 7 PM Eastern / 4 PM Pacific to introduce new tracks before a series event. Thank you, Chris, for taking the time to produce these highly valuable track walks and sessions! Chris’ Classroom videos are all available here if you miss his live presentation of the track. You can join Chris in our dedicated Discord category, or on his Twitch channel.

A New eDE Schedule

Starting in September 2023, two eDE sessions are scheduled for most Mondays. One for “East”, one for “West”. Every other Sunday there will be an eDE for “Entry Class”. Check the PCA Sim Racing Calendar for specific dates.

Entry Class eDE

Sessions start at 9 PM Eastern / 6 PM Pacific on Sunday evenings. Onboarding orientation and Entry Class will remain a nationally based function. Jeff Williams will continue to lead the group.

Joining Jeff will be:

  • Anker Berg-Sonne – Lead eDE Instructor / Coach
  • Mike Patterson – Instructor / Coach
  • Jochem Bakker – Instructor / Coach
  • Evan Smogor – Instructor / Coach

East eDE

Sessions start at 8 PM Eastern / 7 PM Central on most Monday evenings. The East Manager is Chris Braun.

Joining Chris will be:

  • Nikki Chan – Lead eDE Instructor / Coach
  • Leif Peterson – Instructor / Coach
  • Jacob Shum – Instructor / Coach
  • Marc Nistor – Instructor / Coach
  • Carey Brooks – Instructor / Coach
  • Rafael Amorim – Instructor / Coach

West eDE

Sessions start at 8 PM Mountain / 7 PM Pacific on most Monday evenings. The West Manager is Randy Lervold.

Joining Randy will be:

  • Nikki Chan – Lead eDE Instructor / Coach
  • Mark Frost – Instructor / Coach
  • Logan Grado – Instructor / Coach
  • Enrico Gregoratto – Instructor / Coach
  • Mark Doran – Instructor / Coach

Join Either or Both Sessions

Drivers are not limited to their geographic area’s eDE session. An East Coast driver can join the West session and vice-versa. Or attend both sessions. We are moving to the East / West format for these eDE sessions to make it easier for more drivers to participate in the highly beneficial eDE sessions.

Each Monday night eDE session will have a syllabus developed by Chris Braun, Randy Lervold, Jeff Williams, and Nikki Chan. Sessions will run for 2 hours and should better accommodate drivers’ home and work schedules by providing East and West options.

eDE Administration

James Huth, Hudson Champlain Region PCA
Rusty Pruden, Central Indiana PCA

Jim and Rusty can be reached on the PCA Sim Racing Discord server or the Contact Us form.