Entry Class League

Area Racing Manager – Jeff Williams, Rocky Mountain Region PCA

The Entry Class League is PCA Sim Racing’s entry-level racing series to help new participants ease into the competitive world of sim racing. At the heart of the new league is an expanded one-to-one knowledge resource for new drivers.

This is where everyone joining PCA Sim Racing starts out, whether you are a newbie or an experienced sim racer. To join the Entry Class League register for PCA Sim Racing and complete the Onboarding process.

New to sim racing? Perfect!

This is where beginners get to drive with others of similar abilities. Practice and race sessions are structured to help you develop your skills. You will find one-on-one and group instruction available from our eDE instructors in our practice and race sessions.

Experienced sim racer?

This is your path to classification in one of the main league classes, Pro, Club, Sport, or Challenge, where you can compete in national series races, team races, and the Arrive & Drive league.

Drivers can stay in the Entry Class League as long as they want, running the full schedule of practices and races available throughout the year.

Think you are ready and want to move to the Main League?

Complete a minimum of five Entry Class League race sessions, then send a Discord direct message (DM) to the Entry Class League manager requesting a checkride. After the checkride, if the eDE admins believe you’re ready, you’ll be classed in one of the four national classes.

Reference & Getting Started

Take a look at our Reference page for several articles and videos to get you going! The Getting Started section will walk you through it step-by-step.