by Bill Anderson, Longhorn Region PCA

Ready to join us in PCA Sim Racing?

You need to set your expectations for PCA Sim Racing. If you’re a veteran iRacing driver and you think this will be like your weekly drop-in races, it isn’t. This group is founded on the principles of gentlemen driver racing found in PCA Club Racing. If you are a beginner racing online this is a great place to start as we openly coach and mentor new drivers so they can succeed in this racing series.


Below is an itemized list to help you get ready.

  • Familiarize yourself with our races by looking at the broadcast videos of previous events.
  • Read the information available in our Reference Library.
  • Confirm your computer meets the requirements to compete.
  • Sign-up with
  • Register with our PCA Sim Racing League. Once your request has been processed, you will be provided with access to our League area in iRacing. You need to accept our invitation in iRacing before you receive access.
  • If you enjoy social media, join our channels on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook (Group and Page), and Discord. Full Discord instructions are here. All information for PCA Sim Racing League activities will come through those resources.
  • Once you’re on iRacing, join us for the mid-week Interlude and Prelude races. Feel free to spectate until you’re comfortable getting on the track. Make sure you are logged into Discord and in the PCA Sim Racing Channel #1.
  • Read our two Series 4 documents that cover our Guidelines and Rulebook. These will give you a detailed, in-depth look at how the PCA Sim Racing League works!

We’re Volunteer

Please help contribute to the PCA Sim Racing League. While PCA National office helps offset the costs of the PCA Sim Racing, this is a 100% volunteer organization. We depend on the help from the drivers in the PCA Sim Racing league to get involved to educate, grow and evolve the PCA Sim Racing League.

Contact Us

We look for to your comments, suggestions, and help!

Jonathan Shum (Carolinas Region PCA) and his son, Jacob setting up for a sim race. Read the article PCA Sim Racing: A Family Affair by Chris Paiz, Lone Star Region PCA.