New to Sim Racing?

Watch this 13-minute introductory video by PCA Sim Racing’s James Huth!


This brief overview is intended to provide a basic outline of the steps that will need to be completed before you can begin driving in the PCA Sim Racing League. A detailed step-by-step guide follows this overview.

  • PCA Sim Racing is free to join for active PCA Members and PCA Associate Members who are at least 18 years old, so make sure your PCA membership is active.

PCA Sim Racing Mission Statement

PCA Sim Racing provides a quality sim racing experience, including opportunities for all levels of driving experience, competitive intensity, and sim racing interests, in a friendly environment for all Porsche Club of America members.

  • A web-based program called Discord is used by PCA Sim Racing to communicate announcements, information, and messaging between members, as well as real-time voice communication between you and your driving mentor. Creating an account on Discord, and being able to use basic functions on it, is necessary to participate on PCA Sim Racing.
  • Our virtual racing activities utilize the iRacing program, and membership in iRacing is required to participate.
  • Next, determine how your current PC-based computer resources compare with the minimum standards as determined by iRacing, and what (if any) upgrades you’ll need.
  • If you don’t have any sim racing-specific equipment, establish a price point you are comfortable with, and acquire the pieces of your “rig”. Our follow-on document has an excellent primer on winnowing down the vast choices to something more manageable in each price point category.
  • Apply for membership in the PCA Sim Racing League.
  • Once your membership has been accepted, you will be assigned a mentor who will get you started with joining practice and training sessions with other new drivers.
  • When you have demonstrated competence with both communication on Discord and your basic virtual driving skills, you can join events being held at the Zone Group (combining PCA national Zones into regional groups for the purpose of racing together).

Ready to Join?

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