Step 1.

See what you’re missing! Take a look here to view some of our replays. Our videos of events show sim racing at its best.

Step 2.

Next, determine if you have computer resources that will work, or if you’ll need to purchase some additional hardware.

PCA Sim Racing uses the well-known iRacing desktop sim racing service, and they have a free test to determine if your computer meets their system requirements, click here.

The sim racing equipment you need to start in racing can be very modest.

One of our Series 5 Class Champions raced from his laptop!

But like all things racing, there is equipment to fit whatever you want to spend. But unlike a common misconception, you don’t need to invest heavily to get started.

Step 3.

Sign-up with the iRacing service.

There are several options available from a short trial to a full-year subscription.

Look here for the available options.

When you set up your account, be sure you provide a valid email account and allow administrators to send you an email.

Those are setting from within the iRacing account setup.

There are multiple tracks and cars in the “starter” iRacing package, but additional cars and tracks must be purchased as needed after joining iRacing.

Step 4.

Register here with PCA Sim Racing by providing these 3 items:

    • Email Address
    • iRacing Member Number
    • PCA Member ID Number

Your registration will be sent to the PCA Sim Racing administration and you will receive an invitation to join the PCA Sim Racing League within 24 hours of your registration.

Step 5.

Accept the invite from your logged-in iRacing account.

If you do not receive an invitation on iRacing within 24 hours please contact us.

We will get in touch with you and get the problem resolved.

Once you’ve accepted the invite located on iRacing, you’re in the main PCA Sim Racing League!

Step 6.

Join our Discord server to discuss events and activities.

Much of our day-to-day discussions are located on the social media platform Discord.

Join our conversations and join our “bench racing” sessions.

You’ll probably be surprised how many sim racing members you know from PCA!

How to join our Discord server is here.

Step 7.

Join your Zone Group.

We have regional racing activity in addition to big national broadcasted events.

Learn more about Zone Groups here.

Step 8.

Once in your Zone Group, sign-up for eDE Driver Education.

Our eDE is similar to the popular PCA HPDE program but with simulations in mind.

The eDE program will not only assist you in driving tweaks but setting up your system, learning iRacing, and many tips and tricks.

Contact Us

Please contact us with your questions, comments, and suggestions!