Step 1.

Please watch this introductory video (13 minutes in length).

Step 2.

PCA Sim Racing is free to join for active PCA Members and Associate Members who are 18 years old, so make sure your PCA membership is active.

Step 3.

Join our Discord server to discuss events and activities. How to join our Discord server is here. Most of our day-to-day discussions are located on the social media platform Discord.

Step 4.

Determine if you already have computer resources that will work, or if you’ll need to purchase some additional hardware.

PCA Sim Racing uses the well-known iRacing desktop sim racing service, and they have a free test to determine if your computer meets their system requirements, click here.

The sim racing equipment you need to start in racing can be very modest. But like all things racing, there is equipment to fit whatever you want to spend. It is a common misconception that you need to invest heavily to get started. You don’t.

Step 5.

Sign-up with the iRacing service.

There are several options available from a short trial to a full-year subscription.

Look here for the available options.

When you set up your account, be sure you provide a valid email account and allow administrators to send you an email.

There are multiple tracks and cars in the “starter” iRacing package, but additional cars and tracks will need to be purchased as you enter our various race events. Each car and track beyond the starter package costs $12-15 USD. We use 4 different iRacing Porsches and around a dozen tracks per year. You can purchase each car and track needed as you join our events and race series. Each item is a one-time purchase from iRacing and once in your account, they are permanently in your account.

Step 6.

Register here with PCA Sim Racing

Step 7.

Once your registration has been received, you will receive a “welcome” email that includes contact information to get you going in our onboarding program.

Be sure and to whitelist the email “” so your spam filter does not block this important message.

Step 8.

Once through onboarding, you’ll be invited to join the Entry League. Our Entry League is where everyone starts out. Drivers who are beginners will be able to stay in the Entry League and run with other just-starting racers.

Those who have experience in sim racing and iRacing can request a “check ride” after completing the onboarding process and five Entry Class League race sessions to be admitted to one of the PCA Sim Racing national classes (Challenge, Sport, Club, or Pro).”

Step 9.

Once a driver has been admitted to one of the PCA Sim Racing national classes (Challenge, Sport, Club, or Pro) they are welcome to join a PCA Sim Racing Zone Group and compete in the PCA Sim Racing national series.

Learn more about PCA Zones here.

As you progress, you can request your Zone Group eDE instructor to help you hone your driving abilities.