Incident Race Report

An Incident Race Report is the proper way to address incidents between drivers.


  • Drivers involved in an incident are welcome to submit a request for review up to 24 hours after the official race replay is published on the PCA Sim Racing Discord server in the series general-discussion channel.
  • Drivers cannot submit an Incident Report unless they are involved in the incident. In other words, observing an incident is not grounds for submitting an incident.


  • Any IRRs received after the 24-hour race replay deadline will be discarded.
  • IRRs must be submitted from the official replay or they will be rejected from reviewing.
  • Incident Reports must be completed in full or they will be discarded.
  • Drivers are permitted to submit up to a total of 3 IRRs per race event.
  • One IRR should be submitted per incident.
  • Use only the “Current Time” shown in the iRacing tools below.
Use only the

Use only the “Current Time” shown in the iRacing tools below. IRRs submitted not using the Current Time will be rejected from reviewing.


  • Penalties may be in addition to any IN-RACE penalties assigned by Race Stewards or by iRacing AI.
  • The Race Stewards will review the incident and contact drivers should they have questions.


  • An Incident Race Request must be submitted within the 24-hour deadline to be considered valid for review.
  • The IRR form is here.