Incident Race Report

An Incident Race Report is the proper way to address incidents between drivers.


  • Drivers involved in an incident are welcome to submit a request for review up to 24 hours after the official race replay is published.
  • Drivers cannot submit an Incident Report unless they are involved in the incident. In other words, observing an incident is not grounds for submitting an incident.


  • Any IRRs received after the 24 hour race replay deadline will be discarded.
  • Incident Reports must be completed in full or they will be discarded.
  • Drivers are permitted to submit up to a total of 2 IRRs per race event.
  • One IRR should be submitted per incident.


  • Penalties may be in addition to any IN-RACE penalties assigned by Series 2 Race Stewards.
  • The Race Stewards will review the incident and contact drivers should they have questions.
  • Penalties will be assigned POST-RACE at the discretion of the Series 2 Race Stewards.
  • Results of the Race Stewards decisions are final.


  • Action, if warranted, will be posted in the iRacing PCA Sim Racing League communication wall.


  • An Incident Race Request must be submitted within the 24 hour deadline to be considered valid for review.
  • The IRR form is here.