Incident Review Request


The IRR (Incident Review Request) process is to provide a post-race means of applying or repealing penalties or explanations of the reasons for penalties.


Race Control will post the incident reason and penalty in the Series 11 Announcements channel within one hour of the race completion along with the official replay.

Calm Down & Document

  • The very first thing to do is watch the official replay carefully to confirm what you thought happened is what did happen.
  • You must wait 24 hours after the race completion to submit an IRR. IRRs received prior to 24 hours of the race completion will be discarded.
  • IRRs must be submitted no later than 48 hours after race completion. IRRs received after 48 hours of the race completion will be discarded.
  • Discuss the incident respectfully with the other driver(s) involved. Most everyone is doing their best.

Driver Conduct

  • It is strongly advised you do not “poll” friends if you or the other driver(s) were at fault.
  • Do not post in Discord about your incident or name the other driver(s) involved.
  • Please do not call out another driver or allude to what you think they did.
  • Do not contact Race Control, a Steering Committee member, or an Instructor/Coach about your incident.

None of those roles can provide any decisive or impacting comments regarding the validity of your submitted IRR. Decisions about an IRR validity are solely the responsibility of the IRR Review Group.

Valid reasons for submitting an IRR

  • A driver involved in the incident believes the other driver(s) should have received a penalty beyond what iRacing and/or Race Control applied.
  • A driver involved in the incident believes the other driver(s) should have received a penalty.
  • A driver involved in the incident believes they should have received the penalty, not the other driver(s).
  • A driver experiences poor sportsmanship. Poor sportsmanship is defined on the Series 11 webpage.
  • A driver has received a penalty from Race Control they believe to be incorrect.

Only drivers involved in an incident can submit an IRR.

IRR Review

  • After all IRRs have been finalized and penalties adjusted, the IRR Review Group will announce in the S11 Announcements channel any post-race adjustments to penalties and/or subsequent explanations.
  • Final race IRR decisions and results will be posted 24 hours before the next Series 11 race for the class.

The Outcome of IRR Decisions

A driver should expect the following possible outcomes after an IRR is submitted.

  • A post-race penalty is going to be issued by the IRR Review Group.
  • A Race Control penalty is going to be removed by the IRR Review Group.
  • No additional action regarding penalties from the incident.

Note that iRacing AI penalties, except for an errant disqualification, cannot and will not be removed.

Procedure & Submitting an IRR

  • Only the official replay may be used to identify the time of the incident.
  • Submit only the iRacing .rpy clip file of the incident, not the entire replay.
  • The replay should include several corners leading up to the actual incident, and include sufficient time afterwards to fully capture all consequences.
  • If you do not know how to clip an incident from a .rpy file, view this video:
  • Upload the clipped .rpy file to your Dropbox or similar file storage program and be sure the file is set for reviewers to download.
  • Provide the download address in the IRR form.
  • Do not submit images (jpg, png, or video clips (mp4) with your IRR.

IRR Submission Form

Every item below must be completed or your IRR will not be processed.

Submit only the link to the iRacing .rpy clip file of the incident, not the entire replay.