What & How

Because of valuable feedback from PCA Sim Racing participants, we have recently completed some tuning and tweaking of our onboarding process for new participants.

We heard from new members that:

  • the learning curve was too stout for most people jumping into sim racing for the first time
  • we needed to provide additional support for beginners
  • we needed to clarify how to get into the league
  • there is a need to provide a true beginners league
  • a new league where participants could drive with others with comparable abilities, and not with the faster, more experienced national classed drivers

We believe with this new onboarding program, we have succeeded in addressing all of these issues.

Onboarding Explained

When a new member registers for PCA Sim Racing, they get a welcome letter which includes dates available for their onboarding session, and the criteria necessary for them to participate in the session.

Once in the classroom, their Discord connection is checked, and some basic Discord functions are discussed. Next, they are provided with PCA Sim Racing orientation and operational functions. Then they are provided some iRacing basics and suggestions. Once those classroom items are covered, participants are invited to join the new Entry Class League, then advance to an extended on-track session with the evening’s eDE instructors. The instructors will start with the very basics, apply a lot of encouragement, and by the end of the evening you’ll wonder why you’ve missed sim racing with us!

Entry Class League

Our Entry League is where everyone starts out.

Drivers who are beginners will be able to stay in the Entry League and run with other just starting racers.

Those who have experience in sim racing and iRacing should request a “check ride” from the attending eDE Instructors in the onboarding class. If the eDE admins believe you’re ready, you’ll be advanced to one of the four national classes:

  • PCA Challenge Class (red group)
  • PCA Sport Class (green group)
  • PCA Club Class (orange group)
  • PCA Pro Class (blue group)

Read more about PCA Sim Racing Leagues here.

Onboarding Guides

Once the onboarding evening is over, you will be assigned to one of our Onboarding Guides. Their responsibility is to help you with everything not covered in the classroom and give you answers and best practices.

Your assigned Onboarding Guide provides off-track assistance; the eDE Instructors provide on-track assistance.

Bruce Froebe, Red River Region PCA
Curtis Krumel, Carolinas Region PCA
JR Gregory, Oregon Region PCA
Jeff Williams, Rocky Mountain Region PCA
[open position]
[open position]

Have questions about onboarding? Send a message to us and we’ll get back to you!

And thanks for joining us in PCA Sim Racing!