Video Replay of the 2022 Event!

Operation Motorsport is a Veteran Led and Operated, 501(c)3 Not for Profit, based in Raleigh, North Carolina, and Brighton, Ontario, serving American & Canadian service members and veterans and was founded on the basis of three simple words: Excite, Engage and Empower. The premise is to engage, through Motorsport’s opportunities, medically retiring or retired Service Members, affected by military service, aiding in their recovery.

Carolinas Region PCA is approximately 3500 members and affiliates. They are the 2nd largest region in Zone 3 and the 7th largest of all PCA regions. Additionally, the Carolinas Region is the largest geographical region in the Porsche Club of America. The region covers most of North and South Carolina.

In 2021, the 4-hour benefit event achieved success beyond expectations. For 2022 we will raise the bar higher!

The 2022 Le Mans Event

On Sunday, August 14th, we return to the iRacing Circuit de la Sarthe for a 6-hour endurance event. This will be a team driver event (per the TRS rules page) to benefit Operation Motorsport. The event will be the double-points final event of the 2022 Team Racing Series and run the cars and rules of the TRS.

There are five ways you can contribute to this year’s event to ensure success! 


Make a pledge to support your favorite team(s) at


You can sponsor a team! Click the SUPPORT button:


Tell others about the event! Tell your fellow Porsche owners in/around your region (at a local event, autocross, cars and coffee, etc). The more fellow PCA members that know what we’re doing, the better, and you never know who’s looking to help! Download some promotional ads for your region.


It’s not too late to sign up a team or join a team! There are three classes of Porsche cars to choose from. Click the REGISTER button:


Watch the race broadcast live on YouTube and on Twitch.

More about Operation Motorsport

When You Sign Up and Support This Cause, it provides Operation Motorsport with the funding needed to fuel a multitude of critical programs. This includes diversionary therapy or exciting events which are the gateway to the sport. Operation Motorsport provides opportunities throughout North America in a variety of motorsports. Designed to be more than just a lift and a day away from problems, the networking and fellowship of these social and team-focused events help Beneficiaries to connect with a wide range of support.

The goal of the Diversionary Therapy Program is to use recreational motorsports activities as a form of therapy as a ‘distractor task’, or as a supplement to conventional clinical therapy and promotes self-esteem and personal fulfillment.

It can also provide funding to other important programs like motorsports team immersion. Operation Motorsport has partnerships with professional North American motorsports race teams that compete in a number of sanctioned racing series within the International Motor Sports Association (IMSA), SRO Motorsports Group America, and FEL Motorsports.

These teams will embed Beneficiaries within their crew, utilize Beneficiaries with specific skills and or interests and assign appropriate tasks and responsibilities, where the Beneficiary, under the mentorship of a team member, will endeavor to use any transferable skills they may have or develop and/or create an interest for a new passion or career path.

Through team immersion, race teams provide opportunities as crew members with specific jobs such as tire technician, fuel tech, fabrication tech, engine tech, data analysis, public relations, social media, photography, truck driver, hospitality, videographer, logistics, driver assistant, and vinyl tech. The Motorsports Immersion Program exposes beneficiaries to career opportunities in motorsports.

Finally, the current and future Operation Motorsport beneficiaries can participate in other programs such as motorsport academy, driver development, and the e-motorsport leagues.