PCA Sim Racing at 2021 Porsche Parade was a big success!

Room before the crowds arrived!

This past week nearly 300 participants got an opportunity to try out sim racing at the 2021 Porsche Parade in French Lick, Indiana.

PCA Sim Racing hosted a special, first-time ever, sim racing room where you could learn more about the program, including all of the 2021 activities, equipment recommendations, and drive some test laps on one of the sim racing computer stations.

Driving Options

During the week, there were 3 computer stations running constantly from Saturday, July 10th to Saturday, July 17th.

Station 1 was for non-scheduled driving. Everyone could stop by and run for at least 15 minutes without an appointment.

Station 2 was the Fast Lap Competition station. Set the fastest time on the computer at Laguna Seca in an iRacing Porsche GT3 R and win the computer system! The contest was held during room hours the entire week.

Station 3 could be scheduled online or at the Sim Racing room for up to two 30-minute sessions.

The Fast Lap Winner!

Matt Scott of Mid-Ohio Region took home the computer prize with his fastest lap of 1:24.331 at Laguna Seca in the Porsche GT3 R. Close behind was Geoffery Price, Hill Country Region with a 1:24.724. Rounding out the podium was Thomas Briggs of Maverick Region with a 1:25.406 lap.

Congratulations to Matt for the win and to all the competitors who were part of the Fast Lap Competition!

The EC Challenge

On Friday afternoon just before closing time for PCA Sim Racing, the PCA Executive Committee had a “friendly” competition of their own. Each member of the EC had 10 minutes of practice, then 5 minutes to set their fastest lap at Lime Rock Park. The winner of the EC Challenge was PCA President, Tom Gorsuch with a fast time of 52 seconds.

Thank You, PCA Sim Racing Sponsors!

We are thrilled to have our 2021 sponsors support our efforts to engage more and more PCA members in the fun of sim racing. Thank you Hagerty, Z1 Software, Pirelli, Michelin and Porsche! Learn more about them here.

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Below are several images from the week’s activities. Click an image to see the enlarged file.