When you partner with some person or some company, it’s in hopes that a shared goal, like a great simulator racing experience, for instance, can be reached by working together.

Virtual Racing School (VRS) has a reputation for presenting not only fine setups, but helping drivers reach their potential with datapacks, analysis, and training. PCA Sim Racing has developed a reputation for some of the best, most respectful, and most competitive racing in all of the iRacing world.

It was a “natural” for PCA Sim Racing to reach out to VRS, and suggest a partnership with our League and our Club. The results of the partnership – Well, they’re speaking for themselves.

League members have enjoyed the setups prepared especially for our league by VRS standout Mitchell deJong, multiple Pro Racing Sim Winner, but for VRS subscribers, there’s an even greater benefit – specific datapacks including sample laps and replays, all featuring Mitchell, with the aim of improving your experience, and results, and exclusively for VRS subscribers and members of the PCA Sim Racing League.

VRS Datapack for PCA Sim Racing

If you haven’t tried VRS yet, the rookie road and oval datapacks are free, to see for yourself. Better yet, ask the guys finishing at the front their opinion – chances are pretty good they’ll be subscribers and offer better views than anything we could mention.

And for viewers who aren’t Sim Racers themselves – a gift subscription is likely to be appreciated – your Sim Racer will appreciate it.

There’s no question that PCA and VRS have both enhanced the sim racing experience. From the PCA point of view, we welcome VRS aboard. Nice working with you, Partner!

Read more about the special VRS datapacks for PCA Sim Racing drivers at the link here.