By Matt Mitchell, Peachstate Region PCA


Without all of you participating in our events they would not be possible. On behalf of the PCA Sim Racing Steering Committee, we would like to thank each one of you for your sportsmanship, participation, and understanding through our most successful series yet!

We saw outstanding growth during this series and had to adapt to changes to ensure participation.

Additionally, thanks to all the 167 people that participated in our series end survey. Without your opinions, we could not grow and adapt as we have done so far. The PCA Sim Racing Steering Committee takes your responses very seriously and while we can not please everyone on rules or schedules we do our best to accommodate and provide a fun and engaging event for our drivers and our fans.

With that, let’s go over some of the results from our post-series survey.

Dropped Race

A significant majority of drivers agreed that a dropped race would make the scoring and events more competitive and better for our group but no more than one race should be dropped in a series.


On the topic of penalties, most thought that they were just right along with having our race disqualification limit set to 31+ points.

Separate Classes

Given our volume of drivers, the majority did believe that we should be racing in separate classes but opinions were split on our classification system. I can tell you that the Steering Committee has already worked hard on addressing this for our next series to hopefully provide a more even field for everyone to run in. The iRating remains the strongest indicator of driver skill but as our results showed, the Steering Committee will be classifying drivers based on previous performances and leveraging eDE’s for continued education.

iRacing Participation

Two-thirds of our drivers do participate in official iRacing events making the iRating an important indicator of racecraft within iRacing.

The 13/13 Rule

The 13/13 rule was considered too strict for our series but several comments suggested the Steering Committee is on the right track with this idea and it just needed some modifications.

Orange Zone

Most agreed that the orange zone rule improved the race but again, there were several comments regarding the severity and enforcement of this rule.

Forced Pitstop

Forcing a pitstop for fuel was seen as an improvement to the experience by the majority.

Incident Race Report

It’s clear the IRR procedure needs some overhauling and that a majority of drivers would like it to be an easier process.

eDE Driver Education Program

Our eDE Program was viewed as a success, we just need more of you to be participating! Read about eDE and how you can benefit from eDE at this link.


The broadcast is still viewed as being important with two-thirds of our drivers watching 50% or more of it.

Thank You!

The Steering Committee has read and taken to heart all the comments provided by our drivers. We strive to put on great events for our PCA members and will continue to improve based on your comments.

If you would like to send us comments, we would love to hear from you! Send comments here or reach out to us on our Discord server.

Thank you for your continued support as PCA Sim Racing continues its growth!