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13. Communications
As a condition of participating in PCA Sim Racing Series 4, drivers agree to the following items:
A. Race Stewards will communicate with drivers via the iRacing voice chat function during the event.
B. The iRacing voice chat function will be disabled for all drivers during qualifying.
C. All drivers must park their car in pit lane and listen to the “Drivers Meeting” held in the iRacing voice chat function near the end of the official practice session.
D. Joining the League Discord server is now a requirement for participating in PCA Sim Racing.
E. If you and your race spotter would like a private Discord channel on the PCA Sim Racing Discord server for Series 4, please complete this form. This request must be sent at least one (1) week prior to the start of the next Series 4 race.
F. No competing driver or the driver’s spotter should enter a competitor’s private Discord channel.
G. All participants should use the PCA Sim Racing Discord server for pre- and post-race announcements, discussions, and details of events.


Your write-up…

What does PCA Sim Racing use for communications?

  • Discord Voice Chat
  • PCA Sim Racing Discord [link]
  • Podium eSports Discord Server [link]
  • iRacing Voice Chat

(See this article on how to join our PCA Sim Racing Discord Server)

When do we use these tools?

  • Before the Race: PCA Sim Racing Discord
  • During the Race: iRacing Voice Chat
  • After the Race (post-race interviews for broadcast): Podium eSports Discord
  • All podium winners, please report to the Podium eSports Discord immediately after the race for your interviews! (Look for the #Waiting Room)
  • All other casual races (e.g., Interlude and Prelude): PCA Sim Racing Discord

Why are you making us jump around?

  • For good reasons, we promise!
  • PCA Sim Racing Discord is somewhat like our “drivers lounge” where we chill and have fun.
  • iRacing Voice Chat is a serious business — it’s where our PCA Race Control and Stewards sit, and it’s used to communicate to and among drivers during our official races.
  • Podium eSports Discord is literally that room behind the podium that we see on TV, where our podium winners get interviewed — our Winners Circle basically.

Exactly where do we talk within the PCA Sim Racing Discord?

  • Right over here. Look for these channels on the left panel of your Discord app/webpage. You’ll see a bunch of us in there. Click on the channel to join.