If you’re reading this don’t get all excited. S9 info was copied here as the S10 placeholder. S10 details will be announced mid-February 2023.


Welcome to PCA Sim Racing Series 9! Based on inputs on past participant surveys the Steering Committee has made some changes to the Series to make them more exciting and engaging for participants.

It is the obligation and responsibility of all PCA Sim Racing members to read, understand, and abide by the iRacing Official Sporting Code, the recently revised PCA Sim Racing Competition Rules, and the Series 9 rules presented on this page.


Podium eSports will live broadcast the Pro, Club, Sport, and Challenge races. Entry Class will have a featured broadcast race during the Series.

Championship Points

There will be one drop event in Series 9. Series 9 points are based on the best 6 of 7 events.

Clean Driver Standings

Clean Driver standings will be posted on this page after scoring.


The series will use the iRacing Porsche 911 GT3 R for all races.


Fixed iRacing standard setups will be utilized. If a track/car-specific setup is not available the “medium_downforce_sprint” will be used for all tracks except Daytona. Daytona will use the “low_downforce_sprint” setup.


Thanks to Chip Witt and Rodney Campbell for producing the schedule table artwork!

Weather, On-track Times

Both will be announced at least 10 days prior to the race. Yes, the weather will change during Series 9.

Custom Livery Painting

  • Custom paint schemes are permitted and encouraged but must comply with iRacing’s broadcast criteria and iRacing Custom Paint Policy.
  • Paints are uploaded to Trading Paints and configured for use by your iRacing account.
  • Alternatively, custom paint schemes can be configured in the iRacing Paint Shop.
  • Make sure you are using the correct iRacing base design pattern for your car! Read this important message.
  • Unless noted otherwise, drivers must use the PCA Sim Racing Series template for their class.

Paint Template

  • There is a livery template for each class in the zip file.
  • The template is required to run Series 9 for Pro, Club, Sport, and Challenge.
  • Entry Class is requested to use the template but it is not mandatory.
  • Download the zip file here.

iRacing Server Capacity

  • iRacing events offer limited grid space, with maximum participant limits varying from track to track. We anticipate full grids for most events and all four national classes have more league-registered drivers than iRacing slots available.
  • We strongly encourage drivers who wish to participate in ANY event to join the server as soon as it becomes available to secure their spot in the event!
  • Drivers are requested to notify the Steering Committee if they are unable to join due to capacity issues.

Pro, Club, and Sport Classes

Manager: Rodney Campbell

Timing:  Each event session will open at 9 PM ET/6 PM PT and consist of:

8:55-9:00  –  5-minute practice to access the server
9:00-9:30  –  30-minutes open qualifying (with points)
9:30-10:30  –  60-minute race (with points)
10:30-10:35  –  post-race interviews

Fuel:  Fuel loads will be set to require one pit stop. 70% fuel will be used unless otherwise announced.

Incident Point Limit:  First warning at 11 then every 5.  Disqualification at 25.

Fast Repair: 1

Points: Event points for Pro, Club, and Sport use the IMSA scoring included in iRacing. The IMSA option affects qualifying and the race points.  View the qualifying points table here.   View the race points table here.

Challenge and Entry Classes

Manager:  Jeff Williams

Timing:  Each event session will open at 9 PM ET/6 PM PT and consist of:

9:00-9:20  –  20-minutes practice
9:20-9:30  –  10-minute lone qualifying (with points)
9:30-9:45  –  15-minute race (with points)
9:45-9:50  –  warm-up / break
9:50-10:30  – 40-minute race (with points)
10:30-10:35  –  post-race interviews

Fuel:  Fuel loads will be set to require one pit stop for the feature race. 50% fuel will be used unless otherwise announced.

Incident Point Limit:

  • Challenge Class: First warning at 16 then every 5. Disqualification at 30.
  • Entry Class: First warning at 16 then every 5. No disqualification limit.

Fast Repair:

  • Challenge Class: 1
  • Entry Class: unlimited

Points: Event points for Entry and Challenge Class use the IMSA scoring included in iRacing. The IMSA option with heat racing affects qualifying, the heat race, and the feature race points. The heat race will score the same as qualifying points.  View the qualifying points table here.   View the race points table here.

Driver Questions & Answers

As questions arise in the Series 9 Discord Channels they will be responded to here in the Drivers Q&A Section. The reason for this is so drivers do not miss Series Coordinators’ responses and/or duplicate a question already answered.

Version 1.2 – Q&A Group 2 Added

Q1. Qualifying Penalties.  On some tracks, if you keep driving off track during qualification, you will be disqualified. Will Race Control make an exception and reinstate drivers in those circumstances or is your qualifying session over?

A. As stated in the Competition Rules, Race Control will not overturn iRacing AI imposed penalties including disqualifications. Disqualified drivers in qualifying will start at the back of the grid for the race.

Q2. Since qualifying is open AND with points, do the incident points also carry over to the race?

A. No. Like all iRacing sessions, incident points do not carry over from practice or qualifying. You always start the race session with zero incident points, but incidents on the pace lap will count.

Q3. Will LPP be issued during open qualification?

A. No. Race Control will not be issuing penalties during qualification with one exception. Drivers are expected to act like ladies and gentlemen. If a driver intentionally wrecks another driver or violates the comms rules, Race Control will apply a disqualification.

Version 1.1 – Q&A Group 1 Added

Q1. Define “alongside”.

A. The SC has purposely omitted reference to any specific document or organization’s “rules” or “guidelines” in this regard due to the variance in these. Gentlemen’s rules apply. Drive like the damage to the car and body is real.

Q2. Example of “other” penalty that will acquire a 3-point TPP.

A. The language is seen to speak for itself. Providing examples could be viewed as limiting the intent of the language.

Q3. Can we add other sponsors’ decals?

A. Sure. They’re optional.

Q4. How much fuel can be added at the pit stop?

A. “Up to” the same percent as available at the start of the race.

Q5. Some clarification on incident responsibility for nose-to-rear end collisions?

A. iRacing AI will assign iRacing incident points. These will not be overridden by Race Control. Race Control will use the best judgment in determining responsibility, as time in the race allows when issuing any Race Control penalty.

Q6. Will there be an implementation of the Jim Huth rule in the competition rules (waiting for the car you had an incident with retake the position)?

A. The stop is honorable and everyone who wants to do it certainly can, but it will not be a factor in the application or leniency of penalties.