• Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (992) in all classes.
  • Starting fuel is limited to 50% to force a pit stop in all classes.
  • Fixed setups for Entry, Challenge, and Sport using high downforce setup.
  • Open setups for Club and Pro classes.
  • One fast repair for all classes except Entry which gets unlimited fast repair.
  • iRacing fixed setups for Entry, Challenge, and Sport classes.
  • Download the Series 12 template files. The instructions are inside the zip file.

Event Format

  • 45-minute open practice (8:15 PM EST / 5:15 PM PST)
  • 10-minute lone qualifying / 3 laps (9:00 PM EST / 6:00 PM PST)
  • 5-minute warmup for the drivers meeting (9:10 PM EST / 6:10 PM PST)
  • 60-minute race (9:15 PM EST / 6:15 PM PST)

Drop Race

  • There is one drop race in Series 12.
  • The drop race selected is determined by the driver.
  • A race ban does not count as a dropped race.

Schedule & Tracks

Click here.

Race Communications

  • Race Control will communicate with drivers only through the iRacing voice chat function during the event.
  • If you and your race spotter would like a private Discord channel on the PCA Sim Racing Discord server, please send a Discord direct message to Doug Atkinson.

Race Control

  • We are happy to announce that DJ Lyon and Michael Hall will join us again for Series 12. DJ and Michael will be responsible for all activities regarding Race Control.
  • After each race, DJ Lyon will post the race penalties and descriptions on the S12-penalties channel in the Series 12 category.
  • Participants should not post their interpretation of Race Control rulings.
  • Note. The PCA Sim Racing Steering Committee and League Admins are not involved in penalty decisions for Series 12 and should not be approached regarding rulings by Race Control.
  • Please contact Race Control in the ask-race-control channel in the S12 Category on Discord for any questions about penalties and rulings.

Incident Race Review

We are bringing back IRRs. The results of our poll from Series 11 strongly indicated drivers want the opportunity for post-race review.

  • Read the information carefully on the Incident Race Review form.
  • There will be no exceptions to the process as defined in the IRR form.
  • The following timeline will be used before posting official race results:
  1. A link to each race replay will be posted on this page within 3 hours of the race.
  2. Race Control will post race penalties within 3 hours of the race.
  3. An IRR can be submitted 24 hours after the race conclusion and no later than 48 hours after the race conclusion. IRRs received before 24 hours and after 48 hours will not be processed.
  4. The received IRRs will be submitted to the IRR Team for review and processing immediately after the 48-hour submission deadline. The IRR Team has up to 7 calendar days to respond.
  5. Once all IRRs have been returned from the IRR Team, the Timing & Scoring group will process the results within 48 hours.
  6. The PDF results will be posted here once completed.

Championship & Points

  • Points in all S12 races will go to 50th place.
  • All results are unofficial until they are posted on the Discord S12-announcements page.

Broadcasts & Streaming

  • As many as financially possible of the 35 races in S12 will be live broadcast. However, as the number of races increases because of growth, broadcast costs also continue to rise. It is doubtful we can live broadcast all races in S12.
  • The Steering Committee will be announcing plans for 2025 broadcasting mid-way through S12.
  • Drivers are encouraged to stream their race and add a link to their channel in the S12 category driver-streaming channel.


Participant Requirements

Drivers who participate in Series 12 must meet the following requirements:

  • The driver is a current Porsche Club of America member in good standing or a PCA Test Drive program participant.
  • The driver is at least 18 years old. Drivers who are already in PCA Sim Racing as of March 1, 2022, are not affected.
  • The driver has a current iRacing account in their name that cannot be shared by an additional driver.
  • The driver agrees to comply with the iRacing Terms of Use and EULA regarding custom-painted car skins.
  • The driver has a current PCA Sim Racing Discord account in their name.
  • The driver’s classification will be used for the entirety of Series 12, regardless of subsequent changes to the driver’s iRating or safety rating after the start of the Series.

PCA Sim Racing Series 11 operates with these supporting documents:

  • PCA Code of Ethics and Conduct
  • PCA Sim Racing Discord Rules & Guidelines
  • iRacing Terms of Use and EULA
  • iRacing Official Sporting Code
  • iRacing Paint Guidelines

Driver Conduct

  • PCA Sim Racing is dedicated to sportsmanship and comradery. It is expected that each member will comply with the PCA Code of Ethics and Conduct, and treat other members in a respectful, fair, and courteous manner.
  • Demeaning, embarrassing, derogatory, bullying, retaliatory, or disrespectful language or actions are not allowed in any PCA Sim Racing session, on the Discord server, or in Discord direct messages.
  • Race Control has the authority, without prior notice or warning, to disqualify and remove a driver from a session if any of the above are observed.
  • The PCA Sim Racing Steering Committee has the authority to suspend or permanently remove a driver from any/all PCA Sim Racing activities including the Discord server and driver classes/leagues.

Custom Paint Agreement

  • The iRacing Terms of Use and EULA include requirements for custom-painted car skins.
  • We need to comply with these requirements.
  • We will still use Trading Paints, but it is each driver’s responsibility to provide their custom-painted car skin with the requirements defined in the iRacing Terms of Use and EULA.
  • If a custom skin is found to not comply, it will be substituted.
  • Compliance information is included in the iRacing Terms of Use and EULA, and the list of approved iRacing sponsor logos is in the iRacing Paint Shop.
  • In plain English, this means you cannot use any manufacturer, product, company, logos, or graphics in your custom-painted car skin unless they are in the iRacing Paint Shop or you have written approval from the owner to do so.
  • The “test” to determine if an item is permissible: is it uniquely identifiable? If yes, don’t use it.
  • This affects all broadcasts PCA Sim Racing events.

Race Procedures

Pace Lap

  • A short pace lap will be used if iRacing permits it on the event track.
  • Weaving around, hard braking, hard accelerating, and lagging back to get a “run” on the field is forbidden on the pace lap.
  • Drivers who are observed doing any of these will be given one verbal warning by Race Control.
  • If it continues, a drive-through penalty is assigned by Race Control after the start of the race.
  • Making contact with another competitor on the pace lap is subject to a drive-through penalty assigned by Race Control after the start of the race.

Race Starts

  • All Series 12 starts will be rolling.
  • Drivers should maintain pace car speed until the green.
  • Races start when iRacing shows the green flag / green lights.
  • There are no League restrictions on passing once the race has started.
  • Drivers must stay in their lane. No passing until they cross the start-finish line.
  • A lane will consist of the width of the car. If you look above the car, straight down, draw two lines back. Inside those lines is the ‘lane’. A driver must have at least 2 wheels (right or left) in that lane at all times until you cross the start-finish line. You are allowed to “peek” or otherwise move left or right, as long as 2 wheels remain in the lane.
  • It is the driver’s responsibility to maintain such a lane even if the drivers in front are slow, you must not only pay attention to the driver in front of you but the drivers in front of them. Passing because a driver was slowing or for any reason along those lines is not acceptable.

The only time a driver may pass before the start-finish line is:

  1. A driver has a technical problem and has to pass. An example of this would be the driver’s VR headset died and they could not view the track.
  2. If the driver in front comes to a complete stop for longer than a one-second count.
  3. If there is an accordion effect, the check-up drivers are allowed to move out of the lane to avoid contact but must immediately return to their position.
  4. There is an incident and the driver cautiously works their way through.

This is not an exhaustive list of reasons, and more could be added based on a review of the said rule in action.

There are no adjustments for additional LPP points. A driver would still get +3 if the incident occurred before lap 3, on top of the other enhanced penalties.


  • The overtaking driver is responsible for completing a clean, safe pass.
  • An overtaking driver, whether passing to the inside or outside; must have their front bumper to the middle of the car being passed to be recognized as “having position”.
  • An overtaking driver who does not have the position to make the pass will be deemed responsible for an incident if any arises out of the move.

Full Course Yellow (FCY)

Based on the majority of responses in the Series 11 Survey and Summary, there will be no FCYs in S12.

Incidents & Penalties

  • An incident is defined as at least two cars making contact with one of them being turned, spun, or damaged.
  • If only the driver at fault is impacted (spun/damaged/lost positions), Race Control may consider that to be a “racing incident” with no penalty applied.
  • After exceeding the incident points limit of 17 points the driver will receive a drive-through penalty.
  • A drive-through penalty will be applied for each additional 5 incident points thereafter.
  • Once a driver reaches the maximum incident point limit of 25 points they will be disqualified by iRacing AI from the race.
  • Any driver who, in the sole opinion of Race Control, is responsible for an incident may receive a drive-through penalty.
  • If Race Control considers that contact would have been inevitable, ie, a driver is carrying enough speed and would have collided with the driver directly in front even if no contact is made due to netcode, Race Control has the right to issue a drive-through incident penalty.
  • All iRacing AI-applied penalties must be served.
  • Race Control under no circumstances will reverse iRacing penalties.
  • Race Control may issue a careless driving penalty if a move is attempted with little chance of success and/or without regard for other drivers. Examples include: divebombs, unsafe rejoins, not holding brakes when losing control, or failing to slow down for significant incidents ahead.

Penalty License & LPPs

  • Each driver is provided with a penalty license with zero points at the beginning of a Series.
  • If an in-race penalty is issued by Race Control, the following table is used to determine the license penalty points.
  • All points are cumulative throughout Series 12.
  • Drivers who accrue 8 points (Pro, Club, Sport) or 10 points (Entry, Challenge) on their penalty license will receive a 1-race ban, and their penalty license reset to 5 points.
  • For example, if you get 8 points on your license by Event 5, you will miss Event 6 and then resume at Event 7 with 5 points on your penalty license.

Incident Description & LPPs Assigned

  • Driving causing an incident – 2 LLPs
  • Driving causing an incident from joining the grid to the starting line for lap 3 – 3 LPPs
  • A violation of the PCA Code of Ethics & Conduct, the iRacing Official Sporting Code, or the Series 11 rules – 3 LPPs
  • Careless driving – 4 LPPs
  • Disqualification – 5 LPPs

Potential Technical Issues

  • Do not connect to a PCA Sim Racing event via a wireless connection. Use only Ethernet-cabled connections to join PCA Sim Racing events.
  • iRacing is suffering from an increased amount of net code issues. It is strongly suggested you watch this video to understand net code and its impact on multiplayer sim racing.
  • Drivers with a poor internet connection may be removed from the race after the following steps:
  • Any driver that has a bad connection will be alerted with a warning by Race Control.
  • A second warning will be sent to the driver by Race Control after 3 minutes.
  • If the connection doesn’t stabilize after 5 minutes, Race Control will ask the driver to park their car in the pits to try and resolve the problem. Connection issues can many times be resolved by rebooting the computer, or router, or reducing the home Internet connection load.
  • If there is an additional problem and the driver’s connection remains unstable, they will, unfortunately, need to leave the server for the race so it does not affect the race quality for other competitors.
  • Drivers are welcome to rejoin the race after resolving their internet problems.