By Doug Seefus, Carolinas Region PCA

Only just eclipsed by the marque’s first-ever victory at Le Mans, a sensation of the 1970 24-hour race was Martini Racing’s psychedelic long-tail Porsche 917. So popular was the purple/green/white car that other race organizers said: “Please bring us the hippie car…”

Zoom Shum

This is what came to my mind after speaking to Carolinas Region PCA member and pioneer in sim racing, Jonathan Shum. I spoke to Jonathan about his experience in PCA Sim Racing, his experience in the inaugural 2021 PCA Sim Race to raise funds for Operation Motorsport, and his support for our veterans.

Jonathan shared that he started with his son, Jacob, who joined a small group of friends back in 2018 in the Peachstate Region PCA sim racing league.  This group then grew to pull in members from the Carolinas, California, Oregon, New York, and beyond… eventually their league merged with other PCA regional leagues becoming what is now the PCA Sim racing community.

In last year’s race, he and his son (Zoom Shum Racing) selected the Hippie Livery from the 1970 24-hour race at Le Mans. He clearly remembers the instant recognition they received from John Hindhaugh, the famous Le Mans radio broadcast announcer, during the race and introductions. He even saved some screenshots from that moment.

Jonathan is a native of Hong Kong, lived next to a military town in Canada, and now resides in South Carolina. He and his son are great supporters of this race due to the US/Canada veteran support it provides, and the mission of Operation Motorsport. This also allows him to spend good quality bonding time with his son. While Jonathan will not be able to participate in the 2022 race, his son and two friends will be carrying the torch (JRT Racing)… I can’t wait to see what livery they bring to LeMans this year!

Team Zoom Shum

Jonathan and Jacob Shum

The 2022 Operation Motorsports Le Mans 6-hour charity race

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