The Tip Jar – Installment 10

Sage SIM advice from fellow PCA Sim Racers!

by Dean Chapman, Northern New Jersey Region PCA


What do you ensure you always do before a race?

Andrew Smiley, Put away my iPhone.”

Bill Anderson, Check my setup and fuel level.  Breathe.”

Jose Rivas, Go to the bathroom.”

Will Waldron, “Make sure my VR headset is facing forward when I calibrate.”

What do you ensure you always do in a race?

Andrew Smiley, “Put on a fan.”

Bill Anderson, Try my best to execute my plan, manage the car and my pace to get the best result.”

Jose Rivas, Say out loud “slow is fast” to calm down.

Will Waldron,

Dean’s List – Installment 10

by Dean Chapman, Northern New Jersey Region PCA

Congratulations – Welcome to Installment 10!

You have found yourself on the pole position at the Dean’s List!

The Dean’s List is the place for me to ask questions of fellow PCA Sim Racing competitors, hopefully gleaning tidbits of information about their likes, dislikes, and equipment.

The latest news on the SIM equipment front is the new DD2.5 Fanatec shipments are making their way out into racers hands. Hopefully we’ll see more competitive driving. Direct Drive is an awesome addition to every racers rig. Increased fidelity and a more realistic feel to the experience…Have Fun if

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