Let’s Do Some Math

By Anker Berg-Sonne, Northeast Region PCA

As a beginner iRacer, one of the more depressing experiences is to have the leaders of the race lap you once, twice, or maybe more times. This may tempt you to try to drive faster and take more risks, but I think you will change your mind after this small math exercise!

The average lap time for the courses we normally drive in the PCA Sim Racing League is one to two minutes, and we typically run right around 40 minutes or 20 to 40 laps. So how much slower than the leaders can you drive Read More >

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Just as in real racing, sim racing requires preparation, training, and orientation to enjoy the hobby. Our Racecraft page will get you started with racing equipment, training, and orientation. As you might have guessed, it is possible to spend a nominal amount of money getting going, or also as you may have guessed, a significant amount of money. But as is always the case, proficiency comes with practice.

Join PCA Sim Racing!

You can register with the League on this webpage. You’ll need your PCA Member Number, your active iRacing.com Member Number, and an email you can be Read More >

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eDE Driver Education

What is eDE?

PCA Sim Racing has a driver training program called “e Driver Education”. eDE is modeled after the popular PCA HPDE activity where well-versed instructors train drivers in the classroom and on track. Our eDE program emulates the same concept in sim racing.


Our Classroom

We are serious about Sim Racing, and treat driver responsibility with the same importance as HDPE. We hold eDE Group Training every Monday. Our Classroom includes help to set up your sim gear, getting your communications in order, getting on track, and working with Read More >

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