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by Bill Anderson, Longhorn Region PCA Ready to join us in PCA Sim Racing? You need to set your expectations for PCA Sim Racing. If you're a veteran iRacing driver and you think this will be like your weekly drop-in races, it isn't. This group is founded on the principles of gentlemen driver racing found in PCA Club Racing. If you are a beginner racing online this is a great place to start as we openly coach and mentor new drivers so they can succeed in this racing series. Checklist Below is an itemized list to help you get ready. ....

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Just as in real racing, sim racing requires preparation, training, and orientation to enjoy the hobby. Our Racecraft page will get you started with racing equipment, training, and orientation. As you might have guessed, it is possible to spend a nominal amount of money getting going, or also as you may have guessed, a significant amount of money. But as is always the case, proficiency comes with practice. Join PCA Sim Racing! You can register with the League on this webpage. You'll need your PCA Member Number, your active Member Number, and an email you can be reached.  

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