2021 TeamRacing Series

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Follow these Steps

Drivers who participate in the TeamRacing Series must meet the following requirements:

  • The drivers are current Porsche Club of America members, affiliate members, PCA Junior members, or PCA Test Drive program participants.
  • The drivers have a current iRacing account in their name.
  • The drivers have formed a team and have a valid team identification number.
  • The teams have signed up in the TeamRacing Series Registration channel on Discord.
  • The drivers have accepted the invitation to join the PCA Sim Racing League in iRacing.

Registration Notes

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The Tip Jar – Special Pro Racer Edition

Sage advice from fellow sim racer and real-life pro race car driver, Tyler Cooke!

by Dean Chapman, Northern New Jersey Region PCA


What do you ensure you always do before a race?

Tyler Cooke, “I listen to some pump-up music, go over setup with the engineer, and focus on what I need to do to get the best result. A lot of times I am watching the broadcast and time charts to see how the car is doing throughout the stint and when the fall off starts. Knowing that information can help with finishing the race.”

What do Read More >

Dean’s List – Special Pro Racer Edition

by Dean Chapman, Northern New Jersey Region PCA

Congratulations! Welcome to our third and special web release!

You have found yourself on the pole position at the Dean’s List!

The Dean’s List is the place for me to ask questions of fellow PCA Sim Racing competitors, hopefully gleaning tidbits of information about their likes, dislikes, and equipment.
I’d like to thank Josh Vieira for hooking me up here.  Josh is our very own PCA member, Senior Zone Coordinator  Zone 2 and 4,  PCA Pro SIM racer, 944 real-life podium grabbing champ, and all-around super nice guy. (I think that’s worth $5! Josh?…:-)

Let’s Read More >

2020 Turkey Trot

By Chris Paiz, Lone Star Region

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving saw PCA Sim Racing drivers compete in a fun exhibition race at Road Atlanta, the Turkey Trot.

The one-hour, multi-class race was put on by the Central Zone Group (Zones 5, 10 & 13) to get drivers from all over North America together during the winter off-season. Within the first twenty minutes of registration, the field hit capacity with over sixty drivers ultimately taking to the grid. Skill levels of drivers varied in this event with all four PCA driver classes represented.

All four PCA Sim Racing classes <a href=Read More >

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Series 5, Event 8 Recap at Daytona RC

By Matthew Mitchell, Peachstate Region PCA

The finale of the Porsche Club of America’s Series 5 took place at the Daytona Road Course through iRacing. Our event started off with an interview hosted by our Podium eSports announcer James Pike with Justin Moreno, the Vice President of Marketing at Hagerty. Justin told us about his involvement with PCA Sim Racing and how it benefited him personally with his real-life driving events. He also explained about Team Hagerty and the passion they have for elevating and promoting driving events amongst enthusiasts.

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Series 5

By Matthew Mitchell, Peachstate Region PCA

PCA Club's Rafael Amorim PCA Club’s Rafael Amorim

Series Championships

Through 8 of 8 events

PCA Challenge Championship
PCA Sport Championship
PCA Club Championship
PCA Pro Championship

Zone Challenge Championship
Zone Challenge Top Scores by Zone and Class


We are pleased to have Driver Class Sponsorship for each race from:

• PCA Pro Class races are sponsored by Porsche

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Series 5, Event 7 Recap at Suzuka

by Matthew Mitchell, Peachstate Region PCA

Across the Pacific Ocean

The second to last round of PCA Sim Racing Series 5 took place at Suzuka in Japan through iRacing. We started the evening with an interview from our PCA Sim Racing Social Media Manager Matthew Mitchell interviewing Paschalis Gkergkis with Virtual Racing School. Gkergkis highlighted what VRS is doing for the PCA Sim Racing group and how he has been helping our Sim Racers get the most out of the GT4 in this series. Please visit virtualracingschool.com for more information about their software Read More >

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Series 5, Event 5 Recap at COTA

by Matthew Mitchell, Peachstate Region PCA

The PCA Sport class at COTA in Series 5 The PCA Sport class at COTA in Series 5

Visiting the Texas Countryside

Live from iRacing’s virtual Austin, Texas, PCA Sim Racing took to Circuit of the Americas (COTA) for the fifth race of Series 5. This course is a very technical track that tested our sim racers skills. Our Series 4 champion Michael Polasek gave us another great walkthrough of the track in the iRacing Porsche Cayman Clubsport GT4 MR.

PCA Challenge Sponsored by Hagerty

The Hagerty Read More >

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