Zone 1 Road America Race

By Anker Berg-Sonne, Northeast Region PCA

The ZG1 Championship Begins

The first championship point race for the Zone 1 Wildcats was run Friday, December 5th, at Road America.

Road America is a fun, fast course with a couple of very tricky corners. Corner 3 requires a lot of braking and patience to hit the apex and track out. Failure puts you in the grass or a plodding exit speed leading on to the Moraine Sweep.

Corner 5 has a downhill approach and punishes late braking by putting you in the runout, as does corner six, where you end up in the grass and inevitably

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The International Sim Racing Challenge

Porsche Club of America raced door-to-door against the Porsche Club Great Britain in a first-ever two-race international sim racing series. The International Sim Racing Challenge featured over 50 of the best sim racers from each Porsche club compete in both recorded live broadcasts.

Porsche Club of America invited the top sim racing drivers from the PCA Sim Racing Series 4 championship standings to participate in the International event.

The Porsche RSR was raced by all drivers and each car displayed the driver’s country flag and Porsche club logo to help show the rivalry between

Series 4 Race 8 at Road America

Road America Finale

PCA Sim Racing Series 4 concluded with over 100 member racers participating and the series finale at Road America did not disappoint.

Champions Crowned

Congratulations to Series 4 championship class winners:

Michael Polasek (Northern New Jersey Region) in Pro Class

Kenny Brown (Peachstate Region) in Club Class

Igor Soykher (Chesapeake Region) in Sportsman Class

Brady McMacken (Oregon Region) in Rookie Class

More Racing Ahead!

PCA Sim Racing promises more sim racing action this summer and fall. If you are interested in getting started in the fun and competitive PCA Sim Racing program, click here for more information.


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