ZG 3 & 12 at Imola

By Jacob Shum, Carolinas Region PCA


Zone Group 3 & 12 held their 5th race at Imola and it was an incident-filled event!


Qualifying started with a bang as the top three drivers qualified within 0.2 seconds of each other with Jacob Shum leading Rafael Amorim and Robert Rattray.

Heat Race

From the green flag, the 30-minute heat race found the top-3 fighting closely with each other until the round of pitstops where Jacob had a slow stop. Robert and Rafael fought tooth and nail to the end until they came up behind a backmarker.

At Rivazza, Robert successfully cleared the backmarker. Rafael tried to Read More >

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ZG 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 & 14 Silverstone Highlights

By Chip Witt, Redwood Region PCA

The Wild West Zone Group (WWZ) held their 4th race of Series 1 at Silverstone this past week.

After a short one-week holiday hiatus, the Wild West Zones brought their battle to the historic Silverstone Grand Prix circuit for the fourth race in the five-race “fun series” on Friday night, December 4th.

Continuing the trend of adding unique, surprise challenges to the series, all classes were combined for a 22 car grid that mixed Porsche 911 RSR (Pro and Club) and Ruf RT 12 Track (Sport and Challenge) for a multi-class bonanza.

Traffic management and patience were keys Read More >

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Zone 1 Road America Race

By Anker Berg-Sonne, Northeast Region PCA

The ZG1 Championship Begins

The first championship point race for the Zone 1 Wildcats was run Friday, December 5th, at Road America.

Road America is a fun, fast course with a couple of very tricky corners. Corner 3 requires a lot of braking and patience to hit the apex and track out. Failure puts you in the grass or a plodding exit speed leading on to the Moraine Sweep.

Corner 5 has a downhill approach and punishes late braking by putting you in the runout, as does corner six, where you end up in the grass and inevitably Read More >

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Get ready for the Zone 1 championship races!

By Anker Berg-Sonne, Northeast Region PCA

This week the Zone 1 champion race series will begin.

On Monday, November 30th, we will have an eDE starting at 7 PM Eastern time, hosted by master racer, James Huth, who will walk us through the venue for the first race, Road America, and also takes us through some drills to improve our racing skills.

On Wednesday, December 2nd, again at 7 PM Eastern, we will have a Prelude, a practice race, with an hour of practice, 10 minutes of qualification, and 40 minutes of racing.

On Friday the 4th of December we will be racing for Read More >

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What’s Coming Up in 2021?

Will PCA Sim Racing continue in 2021?

PCA Sim Racing will not only continue in 2021, there will be new programs, new series, and many new opportunities to race against fellow PCA members across North America.

What are the 2021 Series and Events?

PCA Sim Racing will continue with the Spring and Fall live broadcasted race series (Spring Series 6 and Fall Series 7). As with last year, there will also be several “one-off” special events. The International Sim Racing Challenge will return with even more international Porsche clubs joining the competition.

New for 2021, there will be a Read More >

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Zone Group 3 & 12

In the News:

Race 5: Robert Rattray takes both wins at Imola!

Zone Group 3 & 12 held their 5th race at Imola and it was an incident-filled event! Click here to read the race report by Jacob Shum

Great showing at the Turkey Trot!

Congrats to our own Rafael Amorim for winning the GT4 class at Road Atlanta (one of our Read More >

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Zone Group 1

Latest News

January 21, 2021 – Updated the member roster and latest standings.

Corrected the fuel load for the post-holiday races. Changed 40% to 50%.

Events at Sonoma were moved from the week of January 11 to the week of February 1

December 6, 2020 – Zone 1 Road America Race

November 30, 2020 – Get ready for the Zone 1 championship races!

Welcome to the inaugural PCA Zone 1 Sim Racing Challenge Series!

PCA Sim Racing is growing at an exponential rate and it has been determined that the best way to move forward with Read More >

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