Le Mans. Sebring. Daytona. Classic motorsports tracks where Porsche has had a long successful history. For the first time, PCA Sim Racing will bring the excitement, strategy, and tactics of team racing to our group in a series.

We will start out modestly with “short” team races of 90 minutes for the first two races at Daytona RC and Sebring, then expand the format to three hours at Le Mans, then 2 hours at Spa-Francorchamps, and Road Atlanta.

For those of you who have driven in sim racing team events before, we are scheduling events just prior to the iRacing Special Event Series so your “real” teams can benefit from the test racing before the bigger iRacing events.


Our first year of team racing is about learning how to work with the iRacing team structure, learning the tactics and strategy of longer than 1-hour races.

We will have a point structure but the emphasis is not on points.

The first series is all about having fun and learning what will be a well-known world to some of you, but not to the majority of you. Many of our racers are avid fans of endurance and team racing but have never partaken in an event – real or virtual.

Learn about the 2021 Team Racing Series here!