General Information

The race is just for fun. No points. No blood. Just bragging rights and some laughs. Everyone’s holiday schedule kicks in soon but hopefully, enough of you, the 55 respondees, can steal away some time for this special event.

Date:  Sunday, December 5th

  • Practice: There will be a 1-hour open practice session prior to qualifying.
  • Qualifying starts at 12:10 PM Eastern / 9:10 AM Pacific
  • Warm-up: There will be a 10-minute warm-up (bio break) after qualifying.
  • Race: 3 hours.

Teams: 2 classes. Class A includes a PCA Pro (or more), Class B doesn’t include a PCA Pro driver.
Cars: Pick either the iRacing Porsche 991 GT3 R or the new iRacing Porsche 992 GT3. Each will have its own class.
Setups: Open or fixed baseline. Your team decides.
Starting Fuel: 100%
Server:  Will be run in the PCA Sim Racing Main League
Registration: No pre-registration – just show up and run
Teams: No fewer than 2 drivers. As many as you want. Invite Grandma to ride along in the back if you want.
Rules: Fair share. Not declared.
Start:  Standing
Fast Repairs: 6 (so you can crash your expensive car once every 30 minutes, or several times at the start).
Starting Driver: The qualifying driver doesn’t need to start the race.
Non-broadcast: No cameras at this one but streamers please post your links!
Livery: Trading Paints, no templates.
Penalties:  No IRRs. Live admin involvement only to erroneous penalties and gone-rogue drivers. Otherwise, iRacing AI owns your fate.
Track: Gesamtstrecke VLM. iRacing has 3 (4?) flavors of the Nurburging track. We’ll be running this one. If you don’t already have this one, check carefully which one you’re buying in the store.