Sage SIM advice from fellow PCA Sim Racers!

by Dean Chapman, Northern New Jersey Region PCA


What do you ensure you always do before a race?

Andrew Smiley, Put away my iPhone.”

Bill Anderson, Check my setup and fuel level.  Breathe.”

Jose Rivas, Go to the bathroom.”

Will Waldron, “Make sure my VR headset is facing forward when I calibrate.”

What do you ensure you always do in a race?

Andrew Smiley, “Put on a fan.”

Bill Anderson, Try my best to execute my plan, manage the car and my pace to get the best result.”

Jose Rivas, Say out loud “slow is fast” to calm down.

Will Waldron, “Leave extra space in the brake zone while in traffic. It’s so easy to get caught out when you’re a few cars back or coming up on a slower driver. Had, and caused :-(, a lot of heartache in a few races last season.”

What do you recommend racers never do before a race?

Andrew Smiley, “Eat a heavy meal.”

Bill Anderson, Eat a big meal.”

Jose Rivas, Practice for hours. I tend to do well when I only practice for 45-60mins before a race. If I over do it, I get worn out for the actual race. Do all your practice days prior.

Will Waldron, “Drink a bunch of coffee and get amped up on the start. I swear I’ve been more nervous for sim starts than I am for the real thing.”

What do you recommend racers never do while in a race?

Andrew Smiley, “Think about anything else but your driving.”

Bill Anderson, Leave the red mist and ego behind.  Execute your race plan and have fun instead.  You’ll have better results, and you’ll make some lifelong friends along the way.”

Jose Rivas, Send it on lap 1 turn 1.

Will Waldron, “Assume that the race will go your way and lose focus or take low percentage risks. You have to weigh every option and think about how it will affect your race, or season. Sometimes it’s more prudent to just drive within your limit and see how far it takes you. “


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