Take note..implement these Tips into your SIM racing and you will be golden.

Todays professors of the track;
Gabriel Albano, Gold Coast, 2015- Cayman S.
Tristan Bayless, Redwood Region Zone 7, 1968- 912 “Outlaw”
David Glenn, Texas Hill Country, 2013- Boxster.
Shea McNeely, Oregon Region, 1985- 944

by Dean Chapman, Northern New Jersey Region PCA

What do you ensure you always do before a race?

Gabriel Albano, “Go to the bathroom, make sure I have a full glass of water.”

Tristan Bayless, “Bathroom. Water nearby. Stream all set to go. Social media updated with going live alerts. Emergency snack nearby. Background applications closed. Cat located in case she needs pre-race snuggles (so they don’t become during-race snuggle requirements, where she jumps on my lap while I negotiate the Karussel for example.)  Lastly, if this is your thing like it is for me – meditate to compartmentalize those emotions.”

David Glenn,Visualize a clean start.”

Shea McNeely, “
I always make sure I put in some good practice and am Warmed up before the race begins. Nothing is worse than being stiff and out of your groove when a race starts.”

What do you ensure you always do in a race?

Gabriel Albano, Setup pit strategy before the race starts, have black box in relatives screen, enjoy and make the best out of any situation.”

Tristan Bayless, “Conduct myself professionally. Try to afford even egregious abusers the benefit of the doubt. Be patient, be careful, but also be aggressive. Look ahead, think ahead, plan ahead. Go like Hell.”

David Glenn,“Remind myself to scan, “eyes up” as Freddie Spencer would say.

Shea McNeely,
“At the start, almost no matter what type of race, I play it safe to an extent. I try my best to avoid collisions (Thought I still get a bit cocky at times). I will usually let a few positions get by me in the public racing pool and let them battle ahead while I stay a safe distance behind. My motto is “let them wreck while I take their positions from under their feet!”

What do you recommend racers never do before a race?

Gabriel Albano, “Drink an energy drink, forget to go to the bathroom!”

Tristan Bayless,”Too much of anything other than maybe stretches and hydrating.”

David Glenn,“Plan to cannonball T1”

Shea McNeely,
If you are going into an endurance race where you will have to do 2+ hours without stopping besides pitting, NEVER overhydrate. Nothing is worse than stopping the car in the pits and having to speed wee while the car refuels.”

What do you recommend racers never do while in a race?

Gabriel Albano, “Stress out or get mad and not enjoy what you are doing.  Remember, It is just a game!!!!”

Tristan Bayless, “Try your best to never ever EVER initiate contact. Repeated contact reduces a beautiful dance to a shoving match. Racers who regularly deploy contact or the threat of contact are maybe the only people on Earth I might willingly look down upon.  Not cool.

Another thing to never do is retaliate, no matter what. When both parties become culpable, the scales of justice no longer matter and the feud instantly becomes a waste of time and energy because retaliation means you’ve stooped to their level. An eye for an eye leaves the whole racetrack potholed.”

David Glenn, “Cannonball T1″

Shea McNeely, What should you never do in a race… I would say just never let the anger of getting passed get to you. I personally find myself making way more foolish mistakes while angry at the car, track, and myself.”


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