Team Racing Series Rules

Version 1.3 – Published May 25, 2023
Updates marked in red


The Team Racing Series is a competitive team endurance racing series featuring Porsche GT platforms competing on iconic endurance racing tracks from around the globe. The Team Racing Series is targeted at PCA SR members interested in endurance/team racing events with controlled class structures, limited incident points, and no fast repairs. To be successful, teams must focus on safe and effective real-world endurance racing strategies – driving cleanly, preserving their equipment, and avoiding incidents.

1. Series Structure

1.1. 6 Championship Events: governed by PCA Sim Racing Competition Rules with limited Team Racing Series exceptions (as needed, to support team formation and driver movement), points awarded per championship table, teams must declare car/class, and register all members prior to events.

1.2. 2 Special Events: governed by PCA Sim Racing Competition Rules and Team Racing Series addendums, special events are NON-POINT events with more lenient rules set to increase participation and viewership.

2. Team & Driver Registration

2.1. All teams must comprise a MINIMUM of 2 drivers. There is no limit on the MAXIMUM number of drivers; however, teams should be aware the iRacing Fair Share Rules will be in force at ALL Championship events.

2.2. Teams must nominate ONE Team Manager with the registration of each team. The Team Manager will be the point of contact for all business with the team and is responsible for communicating with the League, as needed.

2.3. Team Managers are allowed to manage more than one team; however, they may only drive for ONE team.

2.4. Teams must declare their driver lineup and selected car class prior to entering their first Championship event.

2.5. ALL driver changes must be declared prior to the event at which the change will be effective.

2.6. Drivers may be added to a team during the season; however, the new driver must NOT have scored points for another team running in the same car class AND driver classification combination during the season.

2.7. Drivers may not be a member of more than one team at any time. In order to move to a new team, the driver must first be removed from the previous team.

2.7.1 Once a driver is removed from a team, they may not rejoin it during the same series.

2.8. Teams with AT LEAST ONE Pro driver will be classified in the Pro/Am category.

2.9. Teams with NO Pro drivers will be classified in the Am category.

2.10. SPECIAL EVENTS will have NO restrictions on team formation – ALL drivers are eligible to compete with ANY team in ANY car.

2.11. Special Events MAY be run by solo drivers.

3. Championship Event Venues & Schedule

The 2023 Team Racing Championship consists of 6 rounds. All Championship Events will count towards the final standings. Points are defined in Section 6.

3.1. All events will be set to ACTUAL DAY/DYNAMIC WEATHER in the iRacing session. **Refer to Section 7 for a complete list of session parameters.

3.2. Session servers will open at 12 PM Eastern / 9 AM Pacific for all Championship Events.

xxxxxxxxx table1

4. Special Event Venues & Schedule

The 2023 Team Racing Special Events are NON-POINTS events that have no material impact on the 2023 Team Racing Championship Series.

4.1. All events will be set to ACTUAL DAY/DYNAMIC WEATHER in the iRacing session. **Refer to Section 7 for a complete list of session parameters.

4.2. Session servers will open at 12 PM Eastern / 9 AM Pacific for all Special Events.

xxxxxxxxx table2

5. Car and Class Definition

5.1. Teams may elect to compete in any car; however, teams may NOT score points in more than one car during the season (i.e. once a team competes in GT4, that team is not eligible to transfer in whole to the GT3 championship).

5.2. Teams MUST declare their car/class PRIOR to the first event the team competes in.

5.3. Additional cars may be made available for the Special Events races; teams/drivers may choose to compete in ANY car that is made available for the Special Events without impacting their car choice for the Championship Events.

5.4. Championship Events Grid/Class Definitions Table

xxxxxxxxx table3


6.1. Championship Series events scoring is based upon the FIA/WEC Points System with minor modifications and as defined in the table below.

6.2. Points scored vary by race length per the table below.

6.3. Additional bonus point incentives for POLE and 0X.

6.4. There are NO drop races – ALL races will count towards the final championship standing.

6.5. All points scored are done so by the TEAM, meaning drivers may be substituted according to the rules in Section 2 and all points accumulated by all drivers remain with the TEAM.

6.6. Special Event races are non-points events and will be run for the benefit of the primary sponsor.

7. Championship Event Structure

7.1. All Championship Event sessions will be set to ACTUAL DAY/DYNAMIC WEATHER.

7.2. Track state will be RANDOMLY GENERATED and WILL carry-over throughout the session for all Championship Events.

7.3. Car setups are OPEN for all Championship Events.

7.4. Starts will be rolling with a short formation lap for all Championship Events.

7.5. All Championship Events will adhere to the following session format:

Server opens
12 PM Eastern / 9 AM Pacific – all races on Sundays
15-minute open practice
15-minute open qualifying (*round 3 Nürburgring will be 30 min)
event race session

Server Settings – ALL EVENTS

Race Date: Actual Day

Weather: Generated / Dynamic Sky

Track State: Generated

Marbles: Carry Over

Setup: Open

Start: Rolling / Short Formation Lap

7.6. ANY driver may qualify the car for an event.

7.7. ANY driver may start the car for the feature race of an event.

7.8. iRacing Fair Share Rules will be in effect for all events, no exceptions. *Please be sure to closely manage team and driver registrations for each event. It is the responsibility of each team to ensure race day registrations are accurate, as Race Control has NO ability to assist with inaccurate registrations within a session.

7.9. Incident points are limited during each event as specified in the Event Venues & Schedule tables (Sec 3 & Sec 4). Penalties for exceeding the specified incident limit are applied, as follows:

Incident Limit Level
First limit
black flag / drive through
Second limit
black flag / drive through
Third limit

7.10. Penalties and/or incident points applied by the iRacing AI are final.

7.11. Race Control will review incidents involving ANY car contact and will reserve the right to assign blame and issue additional in-race penalties and/or LPP at their sole discretion.

7.12. All decisions and penalties assigned during an event are final. There will be no post-race review of penalties (no IRRs).

7.13. NEW January 23, 2023 – TRS has discussed the concern of opening lap incidents with the SC and, as a result, we have decided to implement a new rule for the 2023 Team Racing Series.

7.14. “TRS Ten Minute Rule”

7.15. Applies to incidents caused at any point during the first TEN (10) minutes of every race.

7.16. Level 1: Incident = drive through

7.17. Level 2: Incident with negligence = 1 minute stop & hold

7.18. Level 3: Incident with egregious = 5 minutes stop & hold

7.19. *LPP points are still assigned for each incident per current Competition Rules (Section 6).

7.20. This new rule has no impact on the overarching PCA Sim Racing Competition Rules, nor does it change any process with the identification and assessment of an incident. The rule simply provides TWO additional levels of severity for the penalties that can be assigned to drivers that are found to be at fault for incidents that occur within the first ten minutes of racing.

7.21. With no fast repairs available in the 2023 TRS, starting drivers need to be vigilant and use great care on the opening laps until cars have some room for errors. The TRS Ten Minute Rule is intended to provide instant and considerable consequences for drivers that negatively impact the race of other teams within the opening stage.

8. General Rules and Conduct

8.1. The Team Racing Series will adhere to ALL current PCA Sim Racing Competition Rules available at:

8.2. The PCA Sim Racing License Penalty Points system (LPP) as defined in Section 6 of the PCA Sim Racing Competition Rules will be enforced throughout ALL 2023 Team Racing Series events, including Special Events (expectations of driver conduct are not diminished during non-points events).

8.3. License Penalty Points accumulated during Team Racing Events will be assigned to the driver of the car at the time of the incident.

8.4. LPP accumulates individually for each driver and any penalties incurred due to LPP infractions will be assigned to the driver. (i.e. If a driver accumulates LPP to earn a one-race suspension, the driver may not participate in the following event; however, participation of the team is unaffected.)