By Mike Nyden, Peachstate Region PCA

Those of you who have been involved for all of the prior PCA Sim Racing seasons may remember the “lean” fields and the outreach that we tried to do to increase participation in our PCA hobby.

Times have changed, and if you’re not aware, we’re slightly oversubscribed for the two broadcast servers on Friday night.

“Thank You” from me, the members of the steering committee, and everyone involved from the EC of the PCA to our sponsors and broadcaster, the Regions, and all who’ve worked to make our league an enjoyable experience.

This really is the kind of problem we’ve hoped for, for some time.

As we became aware of the potential issue several weeks ago and began searching for solutions, we realized we needed to “split” to try to “even out” the members on each server. As a result, we created the “PCA Sportsman” class and tried to find the number that would accommodate as many drivers as possible, while still working within the contractual framework that has been in place and that at a late date like this, can’t be changed. For the first couple of weeks, we’re running the two races as already noted. We’ve made everyone (sponsors, etc.) aware of what’s going on, and based on what happens the first couple of weeks, we’ll modify what has already been published.

There are likely to be some details communicated to you – we’re still working on them – prior to the events on Friday, and we’ll do our best to make sure everyone sees it.

And while we’re all, in some ways, in a wait and see mode, we’re more than happy to hear your observations or suggestions privately, but please try to keep in mind that there’s actually quite a good bit of stuff that once planned, can’t be easily altered. Our partners, sponsors, and everyone has expressed their help in reaching the best outcome for our league, and for every driver. We really do have great sponsors and partners.

Anyway, thanks again for all the problems you guys have created by energetically joining our League.

To be honest, we all asked for it, and you all delivered. It really is a pleasure to be involved in our hobby with all of you.

It’s all your fault, so let me say it again, Thank You.

Road America start from the 2019 Series 2 race.