By Chip Witt, Redwood Region PCA

The Wild West Zone Group (WWZ) held their 4th race of Series 1 at Silverstone this past week.

After a short one-week holiday hiatus, the Wild West Zones brought their battle to the historic Silverstone Grand Prix circuit for the fourth race in the five-race “fun series” on Friday night, December 4th.

Continuing the trend of adding unique, surprise challenges to the series, all classes were combined for a 22 car grid that mixed Porsche 911 RSR (Pro and Club) and Ruf RT 12 Track (Sport and Challenge) for a multi-class bonanza.

Traffic management and patience were keys to success, and Derwyn Costinak (Pro), Brian Granger (Club), Ed Eijsenring (Sport), and Jeff Rosenthal (Challenge) proved they were all up to the challenge as winners in their respective classes. Dave Schwartz and Rick Reinsberg finished in 2nd and 3rd respectively in Pro. Rob Cottle and Ed Nelson rounded out the Club podium. Randall Ayers and Chris Ciborowski were 2nd and 3rd in Sport. Lain McNeill and Armondo Vergara were 2nd and 3rd in Challenge.

There were hard-fought battles throughout the field that foreshadow an epic conclusion to the series that is scheduled to be at Imola on Friday, December 11th; it should be an all-timer worthy of the “Wild West” moniker.

Here’s a replay of the action.