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January 10, 2022:

Setups added in the race date listing for Barber and Auto Club.

After the sixth race out of 8, at VIR, the standings in the Zone Group Challenge Qualifiers are as follows:

A 10-minute summary video and a full race video are on YouTube.

The URL for the 10 minute video is:
The full race video is at:

Joining the PCA Sim Racing Zone 1 Group

To join the PCA Sim Racing Zone 1 Group, you need to be a PCA member in one of the regions in Zone 1 and be a member of the PCA Sim Racing League.

For instructions on how to join the PCA Sim Racing League, click here. Once you join, you will automatically become a Zone 1 Sim Racing Team member if you are in Zone 1. New members will be placed in the Entry League and not participate in official races until they have reached a basic level of competence plus cleared and classified by an instructor.

Zone 1 Wildcats Zone Group Challenge Qualifier races

The Zone 1 Wildcats will run a series of races starting December 1 into January of 2022 that will select eight racers from each PCA Sim Racing Classes (Challenge, Sport, Club, and Pro) who will advance to the Zone Group Challenge Championship races in February of 2022. The other Zone Groups will run their race series to select their participants.

Each Zone Group has decided the dates, format, cars, tracks, and rules.

Sponsored by Speed Secrets Sim Racer Academy

We are excited to announce that Speed Secrets Sim Racer Academy, headed by Ross Bentley, will be the sponsor for the Zone 1 Wildcats in the 2022 Zone Group Competition.

Ross Bentley is a performance coach, racing driver, author, and speaker, specializing in motorsports. His Speed Secrets book series and email subscription teach high-performance driving. His recently introduced Speed Secrets Sim Racer Academy ( expands his offerings into Sim Racing.

Sim Racer Academy (SRA) will award three one-year free memberships in SRA for non-traditional accomplishments during the series. The specific accomplishments will be announced soon.

In addition, Ross Bentley will give the entire membership of PCA Sim Racing a free webinar on car setup, a topic that has been passionately discussed lately. The webinar will be held in mid-December on a date and time that also will be announced soon.

Zone 1 Wildcats Zone Group Challenge Qualifier format and rules:

eDE Schedule

7:30 PM Eastern – Track Talk in Discord on Zone 1 Racing channel
8-10 PM Eastern – Practice with practice races. Hosted, no password- Open to all classed PCA Sim Racing participants

November 29 MoSport (Canadian Tire)
December 6 Watkins Glen Boot
December 13 Philip Island
December 20 Imola (GP)
December 27 Suzuka (GP)
January 3 VIR (Full)
January 10 Barber (Full)
January 17 Auto Club (Competition)

Race Schedule

Open to only classed ZG1 PCA Sim Racing participants

Starting time 8 PM
8-9 PM Eastern Practice
9-9:10 PM Eastern Qualifying
9:10-9:55 PM Eastern Race

December 1 Mosport
December 8 Watkins Glen Boot
December 15 Philip Island
December 22 Imola (GP)
December 29 Suzuka (GP)
January 5 VIR (Full)
January 12 Barber Motorsport (Full) Medium downforce sprint fixed setup
January 19 Auto Club (Competition) Low downforce sprint fixed setup

You can add the schedule to the calendar with this permalink:

Cars and Session Settings

First five races and eDEs: GT3 (992) Cup, open setup
Last three races and eDEs: GT3 R, fixed setup
10-minute qualifying (3 laps) with Strict Qualifying
All races are 45 minutes
50% fuel requiring one refueling pit stop
Trading Paints or iRacing liveries
Race Sim time 8:00 AM, May 15
Generate Weather
Dynamic Sky on


All four classes will compete alongside each other.
Each class will be scored independently of the other classes:

Pos. Pts. Pos. Pts. Pos. Pts. Pos. Pts.
1 320 16 230 31 140 46 50
2 314 17 224 32 134 47 44
3 308 18 218 33 128 48 38
4 302 19 212 34 122 49 32
5 296 20 206 35 116 50 26
6 290 21 200 36 110 51 20
7 284 22 194 37 104 52 14
8 278 23 188 38 98 53 8
9 272 24 182 39 92 54 7
10 266 25 176 40 86 55 6
11 260 26 170 41 80 56 5
12 254 27 164 42 74 57 4
13 248 28 158 43 68 58 3
14 242 29 152 44 62 59 2
15 236 30 146 45 56 60 > 1

Zero incidents for participants who finish the race will be awarded 4 bonus points

A Did Not Finish (DNF) will result in zero points for the race

At the end of the series, two race results will be dropped when determining the winners. If any races have been missed they will count as dropped races. If one race has been missed the race with the lowest points score will also be dropped, and if none have been missed the two lowest scoring races will be dropped.

Penalties and appeals

Only iRacing penalties will be applied, no live stewards at the races and no Orange Zone
A stop and go penalty at 14 penalty points and disqualification after 25 incident points
After each race, there will be a debriefing where we will go through incidents and discuss how to avoid them. Come to the session with learning in mind. This is not the time to vent or point blame. It’s a time to be open-minded and learn regardless of whose fault it was.
There will be 2 dropped races for each racer, either missed or lowest points score


Bob Moore, Chair & Competition

Anker Berg-Sonne, Communications, Marketing, & Membership

Chris Braun, eDE Driver Education, Coaching

Nikki Chan, eDE Driver Education, Coaching

James Huth, eDE Driver Education

Please feel free to contact any of us on the Zone 1 Discord Server.


Liam Rudzitis – Upper Canada Region

James Huth eDE Management – Hudson Champlain Region

Michael Polasek – Northern New Jersey Region

Chris Braun eCDI – Northeast Region

Mark O. Harris – Connecticut Valley Region

Michael Coopersmith – Hudson Valley Region

Nikki Chan – Upper Canada Region

Paul Solk – Jersey Shore Region


Dean Chapman, Logo and Web Graphics

Zone 1

Results from races in the Zone 1 Wildcats Zone Group Challenge Qualifier races will be posted on Discord in the Zone Group 1 announcements thread.

For any questions about the Zone Group Challenge Qualifier races, contact Anker Berg-Sonne on Discord.