Joining the PCA Sim Racing Zone 1 Group

To join the PCA Sim Racing Zone 1 Group you need to be a PCA member in one of the regions in Zone 1 and also be a member of the PCA Sim Racing League.

For instructions on how to join the PCA Sim Racing League click here. Once you join you will automatically become a member of the Zone 1 Sim Racing Team if you are in Zone 1.

Congratulations to Zone 1 winners of the Zone Group Challenge Championships

Zone 1 podium winners of the ZGCC were:

Challenge class: David D. Palmer: 1st place
Sport class: George Markadakis: 2nd place
Pro class: Michael Polasek: 1st place

Zone 1 was the winner of the zone-to-zone competition determined by grand total championship points for all competitors within each zone.

The Zone 1 members who qualified for and raced in the Zone Group Challenge Championships were:

Challenge Class:

Position Points Driver Region
1 634 David D Palmer Upper Canada Region
5 598 David Snelling Northeast Region
6 574 Robert Benson Rennsport Region
10 532 Kim Fricke Niagara Region
15 472 Anker Berg-Sonne Northeast Region
19 236 Alan Kirby North Country Region

Sport Class:

Position Points Driver Region
2 604 George Markadakis Metropolitan New York Region
4 574 Aaron Ambrosino Hudson Champlain Region
8 538 Peter Yerxa Down East Region
10 514 Thomas Lamay Northeast Region
11 508 Adam Girling Metropolitan New York Region
15 472 Paul Solk Jersey Shore Region

Club Class:

Position Points Driver Region
4 592 Jeremy Mazzariello North Country Region
5 586 Julian Velez Northern New Jersey Region
6 532 Al Burke Upper Canada Region
9 520 James Su Upper Canada Region
16 460 Robert Lacroix Rennsport Region

Pro Class:

Position Points Driver Region
1 640 Michael Polasek Northern New Jersey Region
4 574 Chris Braun Northeast Region
5 574 James Huth Hudson Champlain Region
6 562 Cameron Martineau North Country Region
15 466 Shaibal Bandyopadhyay Metropolitan New York Region

These results were earned by a combination of the extremely high level of participation in the series from Zone 1 members who have received classification from the PCA league and to the level of racing of their participants.

The number of classified drivers for each class is: 20 Pro drivers 23 Club drivers 33 Sport drivers 26 Challenge drivers as of April 25th, 2021. In the final two-race championship series Zone 1 had a terrific participation rate: Challenge class: 6 out of 19 drivers Sport class: 6 out of 21 drivers Club class: 5 out of 21 drivers Pro class: 5 out of 30 drivers.

Thanks to the outstanding eDE program put together by instructors from all zones, the level of racing was extremely high.


Bob Moore, Chair & Competition

Anker Berg-Sonne, Communications, Marketing, & Membership

Chris Braun, eDE Driver Education, Coaching

James Huth, eDE Driver Education

Please feel free to contact any of us on the Zone 1 Discord Server.


Liam Rudzitis, Upper Canada Region

Lynn Wilson, Connecticut Valley Region

James Huth, Hudson Champlain Region

Michael Polasek, Northern New Jersey Region

Sander Sorok, Northeast Region

Chris Braun – eCDI, Northeast Region

Mark O. Harris, Connecticut Valley Region

Michael Coopersmith, Hudson Valley Region

Paul Solk, Jersey Shore Region


Dean Chapman, Logo and Web Graphics

Zone 1

Race results from the current series are posted in the Zone Goup 1 channel #announcements thread on the PCA Sim Racing Discord Server.