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Great showing at the Turkey Trot!

Congrats to our own Rafael Amorim for winning the GT4 class at Road Atlanta (one of our home tracks)!


Below is our 2021 S1 Zone Event schedule. Join us!

All registered PCA Sim Racing drivers are welcome to join our league and race with us! (However only zone 3 and zone 12 members will score points). The 2021 Zone Event (points counted for best 6 events, one drop) will advance drivers to the 2021 Zone Challenge Championship in April 2021.

Note: Points will NOT be awarded to the PCA National Team Events and the Zone Special Events.

2021 S1 Zone Event points standing

Prelude Date Race Date Location (in-sim time)
1-6-2021 1-8-2021 Le Mans (noon – 2 laps qualifying)
1-13-2021 Sebring (Zone Special Event)
1-15-2021 Daytona (PCA National Team Event)
1-20-2021 1-22-2021 Daytona Road Course (late afternoon)
1-27-2021 1-29-2021 Suzuka (noon)
2-3-2021 2-5-2021 Interlagos (noon)
TBA Bathurst (Zone Special Event)
2-10-2021 2-12-2021 Monza (noon) ***NEW***
2-17-2021 2-19-2021 Road America (morning)
2-24-2021 2-26-2021 Spa GP (afternoon)
TBA Sebring (PCA National Team Event)

Past series

2020 Zone Event points standing (final)

Note: 2020 Zone Event will not advance drivers to the 2021 Zone Challenge. The 2021 Zone Event (starting January 2021) will advance drivers to the 2021 Zone Challenge.

Prelude Date Race Date Location (track time)
11-04-2020 11-06-2020 Circuit Gilles Villeneuve (afternoon)
11-11-2020 11-13-2020 Le Mans (Night, 2 laps qualifying)
11-18-2020 11-20-2020 Indianapolis Motor Speedway – Road Course (late afternoon)
11-25-2020 11-27-2020 Silverstone Circuit – Grand Prix (afternoon)
12-02-2020 12-04-2020 Imola – Grand Prix (noon)
12-09-2020 12-11-2020 Daytona Road Course (night)

Event Timetable

  • On Friday nights, the session opens at 8 PM (EDT or EST)
  • Practice: 60 minutes
  • Qualifying: 10 minutes or 3 laps (unless otherwise stated)
  • Heat Race: 30 minutes with forced pitstop
  • Warm-up: 3 minutes
  • Feature Race: 20 minutes with top-8 finishers inverted (no pitstop)


Prelude event on Wednesday before the race. It will run under the same format. (90 minutes practice starting at 8pm, with group track walk at 8:30pm)

Vehicles & Setups

  • For the 2020 Southeast Zone Group series we will race one car – the Porsche 911 RSR
  • Each driver can request a car number (first come first serve), which will stay with the driver for the series.
  • Open Setups. Validated setups will be shared with anyone that wants one during practice.
  • Fuel tank limited to force a pitstop around the 22-minute mark in the HEAT race.
  • Fuel tank limit will be announced once confirmed after the Wednesday Prelude.
  • No pit-stop needed for the 20-minute FEATURE race
  • Car damage will be on for each race
  • Traction control and ABS will be allowed
  • Driving line disabled
  • ONE fast repair


Driving Standards

  • THERE WILL BE NO RACE CONTROL. Please conduct yourself in a professional manner.
  • Refer to PCA Sim Racing Rules & Reference Guidelines (overtaking/blocking/etc).
  • ROLLING start. Pole sitter control pace until the green flag is waved.
  • Orange zone is in effect (drive-thru penalty – self-police), or 30 sec time penalty at end of the race.
  • Incident points – drive-thru penalty at 16x, then every 5x.
  • Deliberately crashing into another driver or forcing them off-track will not be tolerated.
  • Any protests from drivers who think they have been the victim of poor driving must be brought to the attention of the admins immediately after the event, citing lap number and driver involved. The incident will then be reviewed, and this may result in action being taken.
  • Avoidable contact that damages another car and results in either lost pace or pitstops will incur a “Pitlane Start” penalty on the next race (driver may qualify and grid, and serve drive-thru penalty during race start).
  • A driver that had consistently has incidents and start from the pits penalties may be asked to sit out future races.
  • If incidents continue, the driver will be banned for the remainder of the season.
  • Drivers that are banned for repeated poor driving standards will need to demonstrate an improvement in an open practice session before being allowed to take part in any future races.
  • As Admins may be participating in races; should an incident involve an admin then the accused driver may nominate 2 other drivers to review the race incident and determine the action that will be taken.
  • All decisions by the admins are final.

Points & Scoring

  • Points and structure (loosely modeled after the F2 system).
  • Scoring will be manual using Excel.

Race 1 – HEAT Race

  • The qualifying session is a straight fight for the fastest lap time and determines the order of the grid for Race 1.
  • Pole Position = 4 Points
  • Fastest Race Lap = 2 Points
  • Race 1 is run over 30 minutes, and each driver must complete one compulsory pitstop.
  • The top ten drivers score points:

1st = 25 Points
2nd = 18 Points
3rd = 15 Points
4th = 12 Points
5th = 10 Points
6th = 8 Points
7th = 6 Points
8th = 4 Points
9th = 2 Points
10th = 1 Point

Race 2 – FEATURE Race

  • The grid for Race 2 is determined by the finishing order of the first race, with the TOP-8 positions reversed.
  • Race 2 is run over 20 minutes.
  • The top eight drivers score points:

1st = 15 Points
2nd = 12 Points
3rd = 10 Points
4th = 8 Points
5th = 6 Points
6th = 4 Points
7th = 2 Points
8th = 1 Point

What's coming-up in 2021?


Join us for localized PCA Sim Racing events as we grow the community!

You can find us on our PCA Sim Racing Discord channel.

Zone Group 3 & 12

How to join our League

Step 1: In iRacing, click “Find a League

Step 2: Use keyword “PCA” to search for “PCA Zone Group 3 & 12” (League #5939)

Step 3: Click “Apply to League” or accept invite


Andrew Ellsom
Christian Rava
Kenny Brown
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Matthew Kuekes

eDE (Driver’s Education)

Robert Rattray (Instructor)
Jonathan Shum (Instructor)

Contact us on our PCA Sim Racing Discord channel.

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