Zone Group Qualifying Series

The Zone Group Qualifying Series for Central Zone Group will kick off in late November. The Qualifying Series for Central ZG will serve as a qualifying race series for the Zone Group Championship at the National level.  The races will be held bi-weekly with an eDE/Track Walk held on the off weeks. The format for the Central ZGC is as follows:


  • 992 Cup will be used for all classes

Race Format

  • Server start time 6PM CST
  • 70 minute practice
  • 10 minute lone qualifying (3laps)
  • 40 minute race
  • all 4 classes in one race
  • Fixed sprint setup with fuel adjusted to force pitstop
  • Trading paints will be used for custom liveries (Central ZG files can be found here)
  • iRacing will handle any penalties
  • ALL PCA sim racers are welcome to join us, but only Central ZG members will earn points (pts table will be added soon)

eDE/Track Walk

  • Track walk will begin at 6PM CST (look for Chris Paiz on discord)
  • Server start time 7PM CST
  • Hosted Session: PCA Central Tuesday (no PW, open to all PCA Sim Racers)
  • 80 minute open practice
  • 10 minute lone qualifier
  • 30 minute race
  • Conditions to match race




November 23 eDE/Track Walk: Sebring
November 30 Race: Sebring                    Results          Replay
December 7 eDE/Track Walk: COTA
December 14 Race: COTA                       Results          Replay
December 21 eDE/Track Walk: WGI   
December 28 Race: WGI                         Results          Replay
January 4 eDE/Track Walk: Road America
January 11 Race: Road America       Results          Replay
January 18 eDE/Track Walk: VIR
January 25 Race: VIR


We are proud to introduce to you the newly formed Central Zone Group (“Central”). For those that don’t know, “Central” is the nickname of our group officially known as Zone Group 5, 10, & 13. Central will provide drivers with development opportunities to hone racecraft and skills through the eDE Driver Education program as well as races throughout the year.

Central welcomes and encourages all PCA Sim Racing members to join any Central activities, including Central’s ZRC races. Central aims to focus on the development of multi-class, endurance-style racing. If that sounds fun, stop by!

All participants in the Central ZRC must be registered with PCA Sim Racing. Follow the instructions here to get started. All communication for Central ZRC will be handled through the PCA Sim Racing Discord server. If you need help getting Discord set up, you can find instructions here.


Chris Paiz & Joe Stiefel, Zone Coordinators

Leif Peterson, eDE Chair

Ken Tubman, Statistics & Charts

Eon Simon, Public Relations Czar

Eon Simon & Jon Arcilla, Web Wizards

James Huth, Honorary Texan

Communicate with us on Discord!


Helpful Links

Zone Group 5, 10 & 13

Current Standings