Zone Group Racing

Area Racing Manager – Chip Witt, Redwood Region


The next chapter of the PCA Sim Racing program, Zone Groups, brings the racing activity to the Zone, and in turn, the Region level.

This grassroots initiative of the PCA Sim Racing program will allow more sim racing opportunities for PCA members in similar time zones to meet and compete against drivers that they may also see at real-life Zone or Region events.

Everyone knows their PCA Region but some are not aware PCA has larger areas defined by PCA Zones. PCA Zones are a collection of PCA Regions to unify activity within a geographical area.

To ensure reasonable numbers of participants initially, the 14 national Zones have been combined into five Groups having geographically similar areas and time zones.

Zone Group events include driver education and practice races which are developed by the various PCA Sim Racing Zone Group Coordinators.

Get Involved

We encourage all PCA Sim Racing members to join their Zone Group and participate in its activities. You can contact each ZG Group Coordinator on the PCA Sim Racing Discord Server in their ZG category and channels.

Join Your Zone Group!

Select the Zone where you reside.

Zone 1  (Nickname: Wildcats)

Zones 2 & 4  (Nickname: The Founders of Schnell)

Zones 3 & 12  (Nickname: Hurricane Alley)

Zones 5, 10 & 13  (Nickname: Central Zone Group or CZG)

Zones 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 & 14  (Nickname: Wild West Zones or WWZ)

PCA Zones