WWZ Announcements

Last update: Saturday, June 17, 2022 21:30 PDT

If you are not yet a registered participant in PCA Sim Racing, be sure to follow the instructions here to get signed up; this is a prerequisite for being able to participate in WWZ events.

WWZ Driver Classifications as of Jan 3, 2022

WWZ Series Results

Summer Interim Series – Final Standings (All Classes) as of August 27, 2021.

Check-out the final WWZ Zone Group Series 2 Championship Standings (concluded February 26, 2021). Please join us in congratulating all competitors for a well-raced series!

In case you missed the conclusion of Series 1, take a look at the WWZ Series 1 FINAL Championship Standings – All Classes (concluded December 11, 2020).


WWZ Coordinators

Rodney Campbell, Chair

Stephen Chen, eDE / Scoring

Rob Cottle, Communication

Bret Holmes, Membership

Randy Lervold

Enrico Gregoratto

Jeff Williams, SC Entry Class Manager

Chip Witt, Web / Tech, SC Zone Group Manager

Communicate with us on Discord!

WWZ League Rules

The Summer Fun Series is Back in 2022!

The WWZ Zone Group is happy to host another Summer of racing. Come join us for a laid-back schedule for the Summer Fun Series. The series is open to all Main League drivers and will run on Friday evenings at 9:00 PM Eastern / 6:00 PM Pacific from May 27th through September 23rd.

We will be driving the Porsche 718 GT4 Clubsport, GT3 R, and 992 GT3 Cup with fixed setups on a mix of 9 tracks in day and night races. Practice “prelude” sessions will alternate bi-weekly with races. Please see below for further information and the series schedule.


  • There will be a total of 9 races, scheduled every other week between June 3 and September 23, 2002 (with a “Prelude” for each car/track combination held the week prior to the official race). Drivers are allowed 2 drop (or “no-show”) races (final series points will only count the points awarded for each driver’s 7 best finishes of the 9 races).
  • Drivers must be classified as PCA Challenge, PCA Sport, PCA Club, or PCA Pro to participate in the series (PCA Entry Class drivers are not eligible).
  • Sessions will be hosted in the main PCA Sim Racing league (other zone group drivers will be allowed but will not get points), will run on Fridays, will be 2 hours in length (including Practice, Qualifying, and Race), and will start at 9 PM Eastern / 6 p.m. Pacific
  • Car used will be the 718 GT4 Clubsport, GT3 R, and 992 GT3 Cup w/ fixed setup (specified for each track / car / race week)
  • Sim date is real date (w/ sim time-of-day in the schedule below)
  • Other settings common across all races:
    • Start Type: Rolling
    • Starting Fuel: 50%
    • Air Temp: 65 degrees F
    • Dynamic Sky: Yes
    • Sky: Partly Cloudy
    • Humidity: 20%
    • Wind: 1 MPH – N
    • P/Q/R Track State: 20%/Carry Over/Carry Over
    • Marbles Cleaned: No
  • All classes will race together in one race session; point standings awarded by driver class
  • No stewards / no OZ enforcement (honor / “good sportsmanship” system and, as necessary, post-race review)
  • iRacing issued drive-through penalties at 16, 21 incidents; DQ at 25 incidents
  • Trading Paints will be used for liveries but must comply with iRacing Custom Paint Policy (https://ir-core-sites.iracing.com/members/pdfs/iRacing_Custom_Paint_Policy_2_23_2011.pdf); see section on livery class markers below.
  • Points for race finishing positions will follow the PCA Sim Racing standard used in Series 8. Bonus points will be allocated per race for zero incidents (5 points), qualifying in pole for driver class (1 point), and having fastest race lap in class (1 point).

Summer Fun Event Schedule & Results

Livery Class Markers

Since we will be racing with all PCA Sim Racing Driver Classes on the track at the same time, we will need a way to distinguish who we are racing against with some color markings on each car. Of course, these colors remain as they have been; Pro is blue, Club is orange, Sport is green, and Challenge is red. These color markers will appear on the front windshield banner, both side mirrors, both wing end-plates, and a sticker on the back bumper.

To apply these markings to your car directly, you can use the WWZ Class Decals Photoshop file for the current week’s car (coming soon), duplicate the layer for your class to your livery, generate your Trading Paints file, and upload it as you normally would (see the tutorial if you are unclear how that all works).

Whether or not you apply the markings directly to your car, there is no guarantee everyone else will do the same. As with Series 8, we have created car_decal_xxxxxx.tga files for every driver in PCA Sim Racing with their class markings applied to compete in the WWZ races. This will apply a decal layer atop of everyone’s liveries with these markings for your user interface only, meaning the decals as applied are only visible to you. For those interested, this is a broadcaster’s trick. It avoids the challenge of a few people forgetting (or choosing not) to apply the appropriate class markers. Easier for everyone all around.

Prepare Trading Paints:

  1. Open up Trading Paints Preferences (right-click on the Trading Paints icon on your task bar or close and re-launch the app).
  2. Expand the Advanced Options (by clicking on the title) and uncheck the boxes for Clean up downloaded files when I exit iRacing and Clean up drivers’ existing paint files before fetching new paints.

How to Apply the Class Marker Decal Layer to your iRacing UI:

  1. Download the latest set of class markers (Google Drive link to 2022_SFS_Decals_v2_all_drivers.zip; select ‘Download’ from right-top menu).
  2. Right-click on the downloaded file, and select Extract All.
  3. Find the extracted archive, and open the porsche718gt4 folder (for the first three tracks in the GT4).
  4. Select all the files in the folder (Ctrl-A) and copy them (Ctrl-C).
  5. Open the iRacing paints folder for the car of the week (e.g. for the 718 GT4, usually in your Documents folder under iRacing/paint/porsche718gt4) and paste (Ctrl-V) the decals into the directory.

You should now be able to load a session in the Cayman GT4 and see the class marker overlay applied over the top of your own livery. The same will be true for any currently classed PCA Sim Racing competitor for your view in the session.

Correct iRacing Base Design Pattern and Its Importance with the GT3 R

Regardless if you use a custom paint or not, your car will always be assigned an iRacing Base Design Pattern. The iRacing Base Design Pattern is set in the Car Paint Shop in the IRacing UI. The iRacing Base Design Pattern is an option inside iRacing, that determines:

  • The base design/colors of your iRacing ID’s car inside iRacing (visible to you/other competitors only when you/they have not installed a custom paint for your car)
  • Whether your car has the white digital position display on the front windshield or the green IMSA display on both sides of the car
  • The position of the car numbers on your car & the color of the car numbers on your car (e.g. enable/disable car number on rear bumper)

So, while the iRacing Base Design Pattern does not affect the performance, it does affect the visual presentation of the Porsche GT3 R. For this reason, it is important to make sure your iRacing ID uses the correct iRacing Base Design Pattern for your car inside the iRacing UI.

Setting the Correct iRacing Base Design Pattern

To configure the iRacing Base Design Pattern of your iRacing ID correctly, you must follow these steps:

  • Open the iRacing UI.
  • Expand My Content from the left-hand navigation and open the Paint Shop
  • Click on “Select New Car”
  • Select the Porsche 911 GT3 R
  • In the screen that appears, the iRacing base design pattern is selected at the bottom. Each base design pattern has a number assigned to it.
  • Ensure you DO NOT USE / ARE NOT USING iRacing design patterns 2 or 3! Any other pattern available is OK to use.

Penalty Enforcement

  • Admin oversight will be extremely limited.
  • General PCA Sim Racing rules apply, including incident points and penalties, etc.
  • Profanity will NOT be tolerated.
  • iRacing penalties must be served.
  • Drivers must practice self-policing. If you cause a problem, acknowledge it, and consider how you want. to handle it, including pulling over and re-entering safely or retiring entirely.
  • Take up all issues with other drivers privately in a discord text or voice chat.
  • DO NOT involve the race admin(s) except as a final resort.