Series 5

by Matthew Mitchell, Peachstate Region PCA Series Championships Through 3 of 8 events: PCA Challenge Championship PCA Sport Championship PCA Club Championship PCA Pro Championship Zone Challenge Championship Zone Challenge Top Scores by Zone and Class Series Races Series 5 race venues are: Race 1 - WeatherTech Raceway (Laguna Seca) September 4th, 2020 Results PCA Challenge PCA Sport PCA Club PCA Pro Replays PCA Challenge PCA Sport PCA Club PCA Pro Broadcast Videos PCA Challenge PCA Sport PCA Club PCA Pro Race 2 - Canadian Tire Motorsports Park (MoSport) September 11th, 2020 Results PCA Challenge PCA Sport PCA Club PCA ....

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Interlude & Prelude

Before and between our PCA Sim Racing Series are Wednesday night events called Interlude (between Series) and Prelude (between Series races). These non-points, low-pressure events are good practice and testing sessions for the main Series events and a great way to visit with friends. They are organized by Steering Committee Member Mike Nyden. Mike announces Interlude and Prelude events on the PCA Sim Racing Discord server. What is “Prelude” and what is its purpose? Genesis Early during season one, the thought occurred that a friendly and low-stress event, run on the same track as Friday’s Broadcast, might be a way ....

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2020 Interim Summer Fun Series

By Mike Nyden, Peachstate Region PCA Overview This is intended to be an extension of the philosophy of enjoying each other’s company while participating in a series of low-key events emphasizing comradery, sportsmanship, and the spirit of fun and learning. Competition is in there too, somewhere, but please – don’t take this too seriously. This is a PCA sponsored league with season prizes to be announced. ….

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The International Sim Racing Challenge

Porsche Club of America raced door-to-door against the Porsche Club Great Britain in a first-ever two-race international sim racing series. The International Sim Racing Challenge featured over 50 of the best sim racers from each Porsche club compete in both recorded live broadcasts. Porsche Club of America invited the top sim racing drivers from the PCA Sim Racing Series 4 championship standings to participate in the International event. The Porsche RSR was raced by all drivers and each car displayed the driver’s country flag and Porsche club logo to help show the rivalry between the Porsche Club of America and ....

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